How to breathe rightly

How to breathe rightly


In order to advance to more difficult practices, our first step is to learn how to breathe consciously. Everybody breathes, it is an automatic procedure of our bodies, but in order to progress in the process of apprenticeship of how to concentrate our thoughts, we must first learn to focus our attention in the way we inhale and exhale, since is the way we receive the fuel of life to our physical bodies and is the path to the needed mental state for meditation. These lessons neither are oriental techniques nor estrange mystical yoga stuff. We don´t say yoga or oriental techniques are not good, it just that we strongly believe that for the characteristics of people living in western societies, it is needed an active role of our minds, which is the opposite taught in oriental techniques, where the silence of our mind is the main quest.

Duration of the practice: 7 days.

Level: Basic.

Material: A chair made of any solid material and without cushions.


1) Identify a place in your house where you can be alone and without strong noises, ventilated and away from electronic devises.

2) Identify within your daily schedule, 25 minutes to make the practice. We strongly recommend you to choice the same hour in the 7 days. The best time to do it is a little before the sunrise, because powerful magnetic forces are liberated, but in any case, to make the practice at any time is better to not making it. We know, living in western societies can be very hard to set up fixed hours, but we invite you to do the effort.


Put the chair in the middle of the room, when you sit, you must be seeing to the east and making and angle of 90 degrees between your back and legs. Close your eyes and start the practice making a short prayer, talk to God as if he was next to you, ask God peace in your thoughts and give thanks for every blessing you have. If you are not a believer pass over this part.

After 5 minutes of prayer, in which your thoughts should be calm, you must take 3 deep breaths, in each one of them, retain the air for a couple of seconds in your lungs, then exhale slowly.

Remember you must be with your eyes closed during the practice, from the beginning till the end.

The next 15 minutes are the main part of the practice. After doing the 3 deep breaths part, begin to breathe slowly, when you inhale, think only in the air entering your nose and in your nose, try not to imagine anything, just think in your nose receiving the air, don´t keep the air in your lungs more than a second, the moment you feel your lungs full of air, exhale slowly the air inside you, at the same time, try not to think on anything else, just the air coming out from your nose. Repeat it again and again, during 15 minutes, calculate mentally the 15 minutes, you´ll be surprised how accurate is this way of measure time.

Probably the first day, you´ll feel that 15 minutes is an eternity, but if you persist on this practices, in time, 15 minutes will be like a couple of minutes, besides, the firsts times, you´ll be distracted by the light pain on your back or your legs, for keeping the position required or you´ll find some difficulty to focus only in your inhale and exhale process, you´ll realize that even if you´re doing a conscious effort of your will to stay only in that thought, your mind will be thinking more than you desire.

Finally, when you feel that 15 minutes have elapsed, begin to breathe the same way you always do, do not open your eyes, just move the fingers of your feet slowly, then the fingers of your hands, do not stand up, take your time, this process should last 2 or 3 minutes, after that, make a short prayer, ask God that in your thoughts there is always peace and love, then open your eyes and stand up slowly, always seeing to the east, if you feel dizzy sit down again, if you are not, you can go on with your daily routine.

Repeat this practice for 7 days. It is very important to make this practice as it is said before you move on to more advance practices.

Let´s receive love and peace from all of us.

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