Keys to Successful Creative Visualization (by Sharon Walls)


I have never failed to bring into my experience my visualizations as long as I used the three keys I am going to share with you here: clarity, passion, and intention.

I can still feel the warmth and softness of the leather gloves as I slipped them on my hands.

I had a night class. The cool winter day had turned cold when the sun went down and the thin corduroy jacket I was wearing helped little as I walked across campus. The worst part was the biting cold to my hands as I carried my books.

I wished that I had my heavy coat and the gloves in the pockets. Then I thought, while I am wishing I might as well wish for a new pair of gloves rather than the thin knit gloves that were really in those pockets. What kind? Beautiful soft leather gloves in a pale shade of beige. As I walked, I imagined. I could feel the gloves on my hands and it gave me pleasure. It took the edge off the cold.

When I went to my usual seat in the large classroom, I was shocked to find my gloves lying on the desk. Literally. I touched them reverently. These were the gloves I had just spent 10 or 15 minutes enjoying while walking through the dark to my class. Soft. Pale beige. Leather. And they fit my small hands like, well, like a glove.

This is the most dramatically successful visualization I have ever experienced, but there were many more times when creative visualization worked for me, and worked well. In fact, both of my ex husbands were the result of successful creative visualizations, as well as several great jobs, houses and cars.

In fact, when I have put my heart into it and done the work, creative visualization has never failed for me.

Our thoughts create our world. Our world is what we think and believe it to be.

Creative visualization, picturing a desired object or outcome so clearly and focusing intention and creative energy on it so intently that it is created in our reality, is the conscious application of that truth.

The three keys to successful creative visualization are clarity, passion, and intention. There are many different ways to practice creative visualization and there are many tricks and enhancements to the practice. However, if your practice does not include these three keys it will not be effective.

Clarity : Know what you want

Imagine it vividly. Not just the outer appearance but the inner essence of what you really want. In the example of the gloves, I could picture the gloves and feel the warmth of the soft leather on my hands.

If what you are visualizing for will be a big change, project forward and imagine yourself doing or being this way. Look at the changes wrought in your life and in your lifestyle. How comfortable are you? Does it match with your needs and your ethics?

Picture it. If you cannot “see” it in your mind’s eye, then get a feeling for it or “write” the words on the chalkboard in your head.

Try the movie screen technique. Find a place where you can be quiet, relax and close your eyes for a few minutes. Imagine walking into an old fashioned movie theatre with heavy velvet curtains over the screen. Pick a comfortable seat where you can see the screen clearly. Watch the curtains roll back and watch as a “movie” of your project unfolds. See it as if it is a movie and enjoy the emotions that come up for you.

Add all of your senses: smell, touch, whatever is appropriate. With the gloves, I could feel the warmth and the softness of the leather.

Passion: Do you really want it?

In his book “Everyday Miracles,” David Spangler suggests a scale of 1-to- 10 to judge just how much you want the thing, quality, or relationship you are creating. If it doesn’t really speak to your heart, will you be able to invest the energy and emotion in it to realize it? Once you have it, will it satisfy you? When you imagine having it, how does it make you feel? If you have already figured out the essence, the intrinsic value that you want, you know how you want to feel. Get the feeling and live in it now while you are expecting the thing, quality or relationship to show up in your world. If it doesn’t bring you joy, you don’t need it.

Recently, I determined that I had to have $5,000 cash to pay some bills and get back on track. For a while I visualized for $5,000 cash. It wasn’t happening and one reason was I kept skipping around thinking, “well, $25,000 would be better, or $50,000, no, maybe just $5,000 is more reasonable.” I had a certain amount of enthusiasm for having the money, but what I really wanted was the feeling of being caught up on my bills and financially secure. When I realized that, I began spending some time feeling financially secure and safe. I stopped worrying about paying the bills and they are getting paid now, even though I haven’t yet gotten that $50,000 check in the mail.

Intention: Give it your time

Spend a few minutes enjoying your visualization several times a day. Don’t sweat it. Don’t try or strain. Take just a few minutes, take a few deep breaths, and imagine. Enjoy your time in visualization. Let it be a joy to you. Before going to sleep at night is a perfect time to enjoy your visualization. This gives your inner self time to work on it while you sleep. First thing in the morning, a few minutes spent enjoying your visualization is a great way to start your day.

Once you have used these three keys for creating what you want, release it. Thank your Higher Self and Spirit for bringing you your desire and add, “This or something better for the highest good of all concerned.” Don’t worry about it and don’t get attached to the outcome. Remember it is an essence thing, let it come any way it comes. Be prepared to be surprised and delighted with whatever comes your way. Mix clarity, passion and intention with enthusiasm and faith and watch what happens!

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Who is Sharon Walls?

Sharon Walls is the creator and developer of the web site: Road Signs for self help and personal development. ( . A painful divorce was the catalyst for creating a new life for Sharon. Through her web site she shares her favorite tools for surviving and triumphing; for finding her way in the journey of life. Now, Sharon is living some of her dreams and dreaming of more.

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