The power of positive thought.


In nature, nothing is good or bad per se, everything is part of an intelligent plan, a plan we can´t fully understand because ours finite minds are not prepared yet for doing it.

We use the adjective “Positive”, related to what we think is good and constructive, as soon as, use the adjective “Negative”, related to what we think is bad and destructive. Those words were linked to the terms used in mathematics for making basic operations, when you use “+” (positive), you add, you increase, when you use “– “(negative), you subtract, you take away, you deduct.

Positive and negative thought are terms for describing mental activities. Mental scientists identify that by thinking in certain lines, some results could be associated with a specific kind of thinking, this way, when people obtained good results, they concluded that “positive” thought must have been involved; on the contrary, when destructive results were gotten, they conclude that negative thinking originated them.

Positive thinking means for most people, thinking optimistically about the things you are hoping to get or happen, as well as, the person you want to become. I´m going to buy that house someday the optimistic says, and the people around him say he is thinking positively.

We say that positive thought is more than expressing wishes loudly or thinking in what we want.

All in nature has two poles, or in other words, each component of the existing universe can express itself in two qualities. Could heat exist without cold? Heat and cold are two abstractions human mind does, in order to describe a physical quantity that is a measure of hotness and coldness on a numerical scale: “Temperature”. But nobody says where the cold ends and the heat starts, because it is relative to human thinking.

The physicist has declared in his investigations that the accumulation of energy produces heat and the lack of it produces coldness. The accumulation of energy increases the vibration of the atoms, producing a change in the temperature.

When you boil water, by the action of fire, the velocity of the atoms are increased, so you can have water manifested in two ways: liquid and gas. The chemical composition of the water hasn´t changed, water remains the same, but in our physical plane, its shape has changed by the increasing of the vibrations of the atoms.

There are thousands of examples of the universe´s duality, if you take some time and make a serious analysis, you´ll realize that every word has its antonym, in our universe, every part of it could be describe in two ways, even our human concepts and abstractions: love and hate, happiness and sadness, wet and dry, rich and poor, powerful and weak, 11 and -11, etc. These words express the same nature, with a variation in the degree in which they vibrate.

For instance, rich is very different from poor you might say, but it is only describing one fact, and that is the place in which a person is in the scale of a economic situation, depending on the quantity of money possessed. Rich and poor are the same in nature; they only vary in the place in which a person is in the financial scale.

Love and hate are the same, being love as opposite from hate you might say we are crazy, but gives a chance, analyze it for a minute, love and hate have the same nature, they only vary in their vibration, the line between love and hate is very thin. Love and hate is a force, when you use it for constructive ends it is called love, when you use it for making evil, it is called hate. Think about it, love and hate have the same characteristics, being in love is similar to hate someone; the difference is the motive. A lover only thinks in the loved object, a hater only thinks in the hated object. They are using the same force.

A coward and a brave person are in similar circumstances, they are in the same current of thought, one being in the brave side, one in the coward side, sometime in life, the coward is motivated by circumstances and make a step further, becoming the bravest person you can imagine, unrecognizable for his loved ones. We know it´s kind of difficult to understand just reading this few lines, but take your time and think about duality, every part of the universe must have two poles.

Man thought is dual too, we have said a little about it in previous lectures. (Read about mental gender here !) Man thought is a force, and we have said too that forces are related to movement in the universe, forces are inseparable from movement, wherever there is a force something is moving.

Now, for describing thought, we are going to use the temperature example. Imagine a thermometer; it has a numerical scale to measure temperature, the higher the positive number the higher the temperature, the lower the negative number, the lower the temperature. We have said that a body increases its temperature when energy is accumulated in it. Imagine now a device to measure thought, in which we are going to use the same framework. Where the accumulation of energy is higher, this imaginary device will mark a higher positive number, where the accumulation of energy is lower, it will mark a negative number.

If a thought vibrates at a high rate, for convenience we are going to call it positive thought, if vibrates at a low rate, will be negative thought.

The thought has two poles, but it is the same in its nature, it is the same force, sometimes vibrates at a high rate, sometime vibrates at a low rate. We are going to call positive thought too, when the energy of the “will” has been accumulated in the thought. To do that, the only way is to magnetize your mind by an effort of your will. If by an effort of your will, you stay in the same current of thought as long as you can, we can assure you that thought is a powerful one, remember too, that thought is force and forces move our universe, transform it.

In nature, everything seeks equilibrium. For instance, if two magnetic fields are together, the one with the higher force will pass energy to the one with the lower force, they are seeking equilibrium. Two cups of water, one with boiling water the other with cold water, if you mix them up, the boiling water will give up temperature to the cold water, so the boiling water diminish its temperature and the cold water increases it.

The force with the higher rate of vibration neutralizes the force with the lower rate of vibration. It is the same with thought, the higher the nature of a thought, the higher the power in it to neutralize other lower thought. It is not only goodness when in the Bible is said that you must love your enemies, it is a scientific fact to protect you, love is a kind of thought thousands of time more powerful than a thought of hate, so, is a person is hating you and is sending thoughts of evil nature to your person, the thought of love will neutralize them. Evil thoughts can´t reach a person who is always sending love to the universe, but haters are open doors to evil and bad influences.

Much more can be said about positive thought, but in this few lines there are many concepts in which you can concentrate your thinking to begin a new way of understanding of life.

Reading support for this Lecture here !. "The Mental Gender" We´ll meet you in our next lecture. Let´s receive love and peace from all of us.

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