The seeds of thought are potential material things. The difference is a matter of time.

mental seed

When human race started to use soil to produce food, they started to build civilizations. Thousands years ago, people planted seeds of wheat already, and they obtained wheat. The intelligence use of agriculture revolutionized the way of surviving, because they started to storage food, trade with it and generate more food than they needed. It was and advance in our evolution.

At present, agriculture is an important part of human civilization and has been improved with new techniques and machinery; great quantity of food is produced, scientists have even modified and improve seeds of certain types to make them stronger and produce more food.

But the basic remains the same, people sow seeds in the soil, and depend on the kind of seed planted you obtain with mathematical results what you expected. For instance, if you sow a seed of a corn plant, you are not going to harvest apples from it, you are going to harvest corn. Nobody knows the power that a little seed has, but if the right condition exists, that little seed communicates to the soil the exact type of atoms and magnetic forces it needs to grow, and in the course of time the plants become what it should be. That fact we take it for granted, but if analyzed thoroughly we realize not even the greatest genius of the world could know how the process takes place.

When planted, seeds, by a process we don´t know yet, transmit its commands to the soil, and receive from it what's necessary to grow in the exact shape it should grow, the soil doesn´t discuss whit the seed, it only accepts its instructions and gives the materials and forces to develop the seed. Those processes are unknown for us, but we know its effects, we see them and eat them.

Now, you are going to be introduced to a kind of knowledge that we can´t probe it to you at this very moment, a knowledge that in order to be used, it must be verified by your intuition, experienced in your life. Time will tell you to believe or keep searching another type of knowledge. The only way to probe this knowledge as true is live it.

If it helps you somehow, we tell you that this knowledge has given us results, in certain cases mathematical results, it has been tested by us and we can tell you honestly that it is true. But please again don´t believe us right away, probe it yourself.

Many will be able to use it and probe it, many won´t, but the fact you don´t believe the sun will shine tomorrow, won´t prevent it to shine.

We are going to ask you to be open minded, use your imagination, it´s free. Suppose you have come from another planet totally different from our planet, and you are told that by dropping a little oak´s seed in the soil you are going to have a tree thousands of times bigger than the current size of the oak´s seed. Would it be crazier that we tell you that by dropping a seed of thought you would obtain exactly what this seed of thought contains from a mental soil much bigger than all the soil on planet´s earth?

The problem is we try to comprehend all the complex processes involved, and if we do not comprehend them we don´t believe.

Who cares about the complex processes, use this mental soil as the humble peasant uses the land to produce food.

If you sow a seed of a lemon tree you obtain a lemon tree, if you sow corn you obtain corn, if you don´t sow anything you do not harvest anything, if you think of hatred you obtain hatred, if you think of love you obtain love.

The fact in plain words is this, when you sow a seed in the soil you conclude that there must be communication between the seed and the soil, because if not, you don´t obtain anything, it would be inert matter producing nothing, so, when you think, you sow that thought in a mental gigantic soil, and there must be communication between them, it is a logical necessity, and results must be obtained, in time.

All what you see around you is an idea, an idea that has been materialized, even the shapeless little rock on your garden is a materialized idea from an intelligence much bigger than ours. The screen you´re watching right now is an idea, an idea that has changed its nature, a condensed idea, which has now a material form.

The only difference between an idea and its material form is time.

I have thought many times, you might say, and I haven´t obtained what I have longed, on the contrary, I have obtained what I have not wanted. There is no mystery in this, you don´t need to listen strange audios and watch thousand of videos to get what you want, you only have to check what kind of thoughts you are thinking.

Oh that's very easy you´d say, I only have to think positively and then, I will obtain what I want. But let us tell you it is a huge task to learn to think rightly.

Forget the dream of getting things by thinking of what you want 15 minutes a day, and then thinking erroneously the rest of the day.

We must imitate nature to obtain results.

See the seeds; they only have that particular information necessary to make the plant grow. The soil doesn´t get confused reading the seed´s message, because it only contains the exact piece of information that´s necessary communicate to the passive intelligence of the soil, the seed doesn´t doubt in what kind of plant it will be, doesn´t change from one day to another what it thinks, it only has one purpose and that is to become a particular plant through the help of the soil.

Let´s examine our thoughts; they are very different from a seed communicating what they want, because our thoughts are inaccurate, they jump from one thing to another, one day you want something and the other day you want something different, you are not exact communicating what you want. That is mainly our problem, we lack concentration.

We must learn to act like nature if we want to use their forces, we must be clear in communicating what we want, but this is a whole process of learning, learning how to concentrate well, to be as efficacious as nature is.

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We´ll meet you in our next lecture. Let´s receive love and peace from all of us.

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