God is within you


Do not get confused, this isn´t a discussion about the existence of God, or about religions, what you are about to hear, is an immutable truth and a conclusion that most of the deepest thinkers have reached and must reach. What will be affirmed later, is a truth that cannot be proved by the traditional scientific method, only you can prove it, if enough attention and concentration go with the thinking about this topic.

Really, God lives within you. When we say God, let´s understand any of the meaning that religions make about this creative force, conscious and spiritual, wish has been given cult and worship in all ages and in every spot around the globe. The child-like thought, which separates the Christian God from the Egyptian God or Hindu God, even though, there are differences and its cult and characteristics, at the end, is just the expression of an immature and egotistical humanity.

The human being has searched searches and will search his origin as a part of a divine plan he can´t understand, that is more complete than him and that he presumes was conceived in the infinite mind of an almighty, omnipresent and omniscience being. Truly, the search of humanity of this superior being, is the same all around the globe, it differentiates in its origin by cultural, historical, racial and philosophical issues, about the anthropomorphic connotation we give to an entity we cannot understand, and however, acknowledge as the highest creative power of all that exists.

Inductive reasoning and comparative analysis of religions, leads us to an inevitable conclusion: human being acknowledges the existence of a conscious intelligent entity that create and transform the reality we live in. Millennial philosophical debates have tried to prove the existence of that being, and with the same strength, the antagonistic position, has tried to deny that existence, both philosophical currents present robust arguments and logical sequences of thought that suggest its inevitable conclusions to the different scholars: It is impossible that the creation of the whole universe, visible and invisible, has been product of chance, there must be a creator and a plan of evolution designed, or conversely: It is impossible that a creator has designed all that exists, creation is a product of the movement of matter and the different laws that govern it, chaos rules the universe and there isn´t a predetermined plan, nothing is written.

However, we won´t enter in this debate now, we must assume that if you are reading these lines, you acknowledge the existence of a superior being or a superior consciousness than ours, who designed and created all that exists.

What is important for this conference is the following approach: ¿where is that consciousness, that creator? Many seek that consciousness out of them, believing in an entity more or less shaped humanoid and long white beard, dressed in pristine robes and living in heaven, and this more or less a place full of clouds and cherubs playing delicious melodies; others go further and conceive God as an ethereal entity that doesn’t possess a physical body and is self existent, that inhabit in an unknown place, but look from above the suffering humanity, ready to punish or reward according to their behavior.

Those childhood visions that large majorities have of this being that they cannot understand and that forces them to attribute him human characteristics to something that isn´t human nor has human characteristics, are those that have alienated humanity from their true source of power: God in us.

First, you must know that there is an invisible world, spiritual, where all reality, so called, of this material world is created. Let´s serve as an example, the work of the architect, who in his mind makes mental images whish then puts on a model, and then gives them life through the technical and economic means of this material plane. The idea becomes reality, the idea crystallized through the work of the civil engineer and construction workers, and not a precipitation from emptiness, as many could think.

This spiritual world is governed by thought. Spirit has a principal characteristic, and it is the ability to think with the free will that has been given to every one of us, that is to say, we are conscious that we can exert our will. Anyway, God is spirit. The spirit has 3 essential characteristics: Omnipresence, Omniscience and Omnipotence, that by analogy, human beings must have, if we believe that we have been created and his image and likeness, however, they are latent attributes in our consciousness, creative powers that in the majority of humanity sleep absent of our daily lives.

God creates through his individual expressions: Us, and we create through him, God, omnipresent consciousness. God is inside you, because God is the consciousness within who makes you know that you are. When you say I Am, you are activating God within you.

First was the word, the word became flesh. First is the thought, which is deposited in an infinite field of plastic and attractant substance, ether, this, according to the great laws precipitates thinking into visible objects. How this process occurs? Nobody knows, is the secret of secrets, but it is the greatest truth you can know. Therefore, your consciousness, is God in action, and as God creates, so man creates for his ability to concentrate thoughts in one direction through willpower.

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