Specialization is the key to succeed.


Many people tend to think that they can get things without giving anything in exchange. They think that by reading a small book of the topic they're investigating, they're becoming experts in the subject. But unfortunately for those who think that way, to succeed in any field of life, we must specialize in the subject we are interested.

In a previous lecture, we said that our mind is moldable, so, we can make our mind to think in the way we choose by our motivations and emotions, we consciously put in our mind those thoughts we focus on. We are becoming what we think most, like the great Buda said.

Our mind needs to be educated by ourselves, and that activity is far more important than any other activity in our lives. However, not only that is required to become someone in our world. We must get specific knowledge of the subject we are interested the most. Disciplining our mind allow us to investigate about specific knowledge, and by doing that, we specialize ourselves in the subject we are interested.

The most powerful tool we can use to achieve specialization is habit. As you know, there are bad habits and good habits. You may say that it is enough you like something to stay there and study it, but experience, shows us that there are many issues that can take us apart from where we want to stay and what we want to think, our mind is so moldable that a little noise can distract us and make us waste time.

Using habits help us to do activities automatically. By forming a habit you achieve two things:

1) You are consciously programming your mind to respond in a certain way in the future, using the power of your subconscious mind.

2) You're getting discipline for thinking the way you want and focusing your thoughts.

After you have formed a habit, your mind is going to respond automatically in certain situations you deliberately have chosen, no matter what and no matter if you like it or not. That is why, it is so important to form only good habits.

If you are incredulous of what we are saying, observe people, see if they can get rid of the habit of watching TV at nights, tell people if they want to read a book two hours instead of watching two hours of TV at nights, knowing that a book can give them knowledge and utilize it for achieving goals and watching TV, sometimes only make them feel emptiness in their lives.

In life, in the Universe and in our minds, all processes take time; nothing is automatically even if appearances look like. It all takes time. Nature prepare itself for change, it destroys and renew ground for a better way of life, fire destroys and a new, bigger and better forest is born, races are destroy and new races are born, in the same way we must destroy old and bad habits and give life to new and better ones.

A Japanese music teacher, used to say that any fool can learn to play the guitar and make a leaving if study it hard enough for 3 years, but to achieve mastery, 10 years of hard study are required. In the same lines, scientists of the mind say that 10 years of studying are required to specialize in any field of life.

Oriental esoteric schools, admit students after 7 years of testing them. Can you imagine how long it takes to be just a student of those arts? So, do not think we are becoming experts just by making a few reading and some visualization exercises. If you are really interested in this knowledge, you must put real effort in the art of controlling thoughts and focusing and the situations we want.

Specialization is being highly skilled in a specific field. You can have some skills and make a living of those skills, like the Japanese music teacher said, but, to succeed in life, specialization is the key.

Help yourself, make habits that allow you to invest the necessary time to achieve your goals, to study, to work in the field you want, put some effort in trying to concentrate your thoughts in forming good habits, soon you will realize the power of that occult help living in our mind, it is like sowing seeds in the ground, first your thoughts are the seeds, then a habit are formed and the fruits of your thinking will show as the right way of act in your life. Of course, if the habit you have made is good.

If you are well-disposed to put all your energies to specialize in some field, make sure is the field you really want and not someone else's field. Try to hear that inner voice telling you what you like most. Many times, the world losses great professionals because some of them, don't hear that inner voice and follow the "logical" way, studying careers that they don't like but they think are securing their financial future.

A student of mechanical engineer was always reading books of psychology, he loves that science, but was ashamed of liking it, because his father was an engineer and own a business dedicated to design mechanical parts for industrial engines. The student felt engaged with the great effort his father has put in making that enterprise, and didn't hear that inner voice telling him he was born to be a great psychologist. He was forced by himself to live someone else's desire. Try to imagine how many great professionals are lost for not hearing that inner voice who always tells us what we want most.

Here is something that can motivate you to achieve specialization. Remember that our society pays us in return exactly what we give in the form of services or products. The amount we receive depend on how useful is for people what we give. Just try to imagine the level of pleasure you receive for listening a good guitarist, one that has chosen to be guitarist for earning a living and the pleasure you receive for listening the guitarist "Carlos Santana". For the first guitarist, you are willing to give some coins as a tip in a good restaurant, and he will be thankful to you for that coins. For "Carlos Santana", you are willing to pay a couple of hundreds for a good sit in a concert, because you are going to see a specialized professional.

We'll meet you in our next lecture. Let's receive love and peace from all of us.

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