The information and knowledge has always been known and available……. for smalls groups.

Do you have children? If you don´t, at least you have been one of those, that’s for sure, so this little story will be easily understood for you.

A smart, 15 years old good student, was always asking their parents to let her go out at night to share with her 15 years´ old friends, beside, she required for that purpose $500.00, so that, she can buy wherever she wants, and of course, above all she didn´t like to be bothered about the shorts she would wear, because she thought she was in such a good shape that it would be a shame not to show most of her legs.

Her parents naturally said no to every try she made, they knew better than her, that in such conditions she would be vulnerable to outer dangers, they have lived longer than her and have seen how life works, because they had acquired more experience than her.

But, as we will see later in these lectures, there is something strange in demanding, it seems that when you demand long enough for something you really want, life matches your request with some part of the manifested universe that equals the thing you longed in your thoughts. But please, don´t think we are trying to make you believe what it just said, we only are describing events through this little story.

Having heard for so many times their daughter´s petition, the wealthy parents felt sadness knowing that they could fulfill her desire at the blink of an eye, but they remain their resolution and said no again and again, because they loved their daughter and wanted the best for her.

This girl wasn’t a common girl, she was very smart we said, and she continued her petitions, she was determined to get her parent´s permission to go out at night, one ridicules end to put so much effort upon, you may say, just imagine how the infinite intelligence that created the universe feels when his / her little children on planet earth ask things such as being as beautiful and rich as the movie stars they worship.

One day, the girl asked so intensely that touched her parent´s hearts; she promised again and again that she was going to behave rightly, that she would never misused the money she would receive from they, buying alcohol or any others drugs.

Being such a good girl, the tired parents finally convinced themselves that letting their daughter go out one night, would not be harmless for her, and agreed to give the $500.00 and the longed authorization.

We realize you may know by intuition the end of this story; but anyway, we will build the story´s ending for our lecture´ s purpose, so let’s continue.

The day arrived and she met her friends at the agreed place. The group´s pressure had influence her very hard and sometimes she wonder herself, why she desired so intensely going out, knowing deep inside her heart, that this goal wasn´t really a big deal. Perhaps we all feel the same way at a stage in our lifetime; we know deep inside that some things we have longed are not really a big deal, but we persist on them and let pass the things that matter.

It seems that nature doesn´t act instantly, at least in our relative time in this plane on planet earth.

The girl went out one night and nothing happened, so she repeated that activity several nights until without even noticed, something started to happen in her mind: she was becoming addicted to legal and illegal drugs; she started to have irresponsible intercourse with different couples and of course, her studies wasn´t her priority anymore. Finally she got pregnant. End of the story.

Was it the ending you´ve been waiting for? We hope so; we tried to make it obvious. Of course in those conditions, most of the times, 15 years old girls would follow the path our character did, because they don’t have the necessary education and experience to avoid dangers.

So let´s get back to our topic about information and knowledge, just let us clarify the type of information we are talking about.

It´s the information that it´s been hidden by secret groups or societies to protect humanity from misuses it. Remember the 15 years old girl who wants to go out at nights wearing shorts and possessing the $500.00 given from her wealthy parents.

When someone is piloting an aircraft, he or she doesn´t see the path clearly, he only sees clouds and a big blue sky, or sees nothing if he pilots at nights. But they always arrive to the next airport. How can they get to the desire destination without seeing clearly? They use indicators. Those machines provide them the right information to measure the altitude, speed, fuel consumption, position.

You know well when the winter comes, because you have indicators that let you know there will be a change. Tree leaves change color, the wind blows harder and is fresher.

In the latest 1800´s, knowledge concerning occult matters was released by its guardians, and a bunch of different authors wrote books, created movements and new societies, which enthusiastically announced the beginning of a new era. That fact we don´t know whether it is true or false, but we have an indicator that makes us believe something really changed regarding occult knowledge, because its prior guardians did released a bit of it.

Perhaps the 15 years old girl is now maturing and becoming prepared to face outer dangers in the right way; perhaps humanity is coming to an age where is now starting to be prepared for this knowledge.

We are free investigators, we don´t have commitments with secret groups of any kind, we are just trying to see the path to a better place, but is not a clear path, we sometimes only see clouds and a big blue sky, sometimes we see nothing but obscurity, but our inner voice says once again that there is light out there, that there is a place to arrive and we have to keep searching it, and we now have indicators that the time has come to begin that path.

You may be asking yourself right now, which are the dangers that ancient guardians of occult knowledge wanted to avoid to humanity, and in order to find the answers you just have to look inside you.

We speculate that those guardians knew that the danger lives in our own personality, because having access to an infinite source and being ourselves in such an undeveloped state, we could bury ourselves in a material world where there’s no coming back for a spiritual life. We are not saying opulence in our lives is bad, but we think we have to be prepared first to access to that rich fountain. Remember what happened to the 15 years old girl, she became addicted, promiscuous and irresponsible.

If occult knowledge was released, why do secret societies still exist? Well, we said a bit of knowledge was released, the rest remains for those inside the schools, they have to earn degrees, pass proves, prepare themselves for receiving knowledge and be able to use it rightly.

So, is it necessary to belong to any of those schools or secret societies to learn this type of knowledge? Our answer is: not at all. It was the recommended way in the past, probably is the safest way now, you know, having a master, who teaches you step by step, how to unfold from your inner being all those natural forces, avoiding dangers from occult and subtle entities, etc. But people is desperate for new hopes, new avenues that lead them to a better place and not all people is willing to belong to those secret orders, not all of them are prepared, it is true, but it is also true that they want to go a step further.

The dangers remains the same, please don´t misunderstands us. We only are trying to say that the time has come for humanity to discover these natural forces that lies within us. 400 hundred years ago, there wasn´t any intelligent use for electricity on planet earth, but electricity had existed for eons of time on our planet, and it is a natural force that can be used for doing good, or can be misused and become harmful by ignorance.

We´ll meet you in our next lecture.

Let´s receive love and peace from all of us.

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