You Have the Power to Control Your Thoughts

The power of controlling your thoughts

In the bottom of your heart, you know you can do what's necessary to achieve what you most want, however, you are probably wondering yourself right now, why at this moment in your life, you are not getting all the things you have longed for.

To think that the infinite intelligence that created the universe has made mistakes in certain areas of its own creation, because we are not getting what we want, is thinking as a child. This universe has been made by law and it functions with definite laws, even though, we don't know how many of them work.

Living this human experience, with all its struggles is a path we all have to walk many times to make us stronger. In order to build strong personalities, egos or wherever you want to call it, we have to take advantage of bad and good experiences, in order to mold our personalities to perform acts according to the advance of the whole infinite plan of evolution.

In that sense, let me tell you that you are not unarmed against the problems happening in your life. You must know that the world outside is a reflection of the world inside. Having said that, it is necessary to believe that your weapons against non desirable situations are inside you, and this is possible if you recognize as yours the power to control your thoughts.

In truth, you have the power to control your thoughts. In fact, you have the power to control your feelings too. To the extent that you control your thoughts and feelings, so you control your inner world and as a result, you control your outer world to the same degree.

Very easy you may say, isn't it? It is not, it is a huge task every human being has to start sometime, but the reward is your freedom.

To perform control over your mind you must exercise your will; in fact, it is the only way to control your thoughts. But what is your will? It is not our same mind? There is a difference between them. Your mind is the machine given by the infinite intelligence to generate random thinking, by an effort of your will you can choose which thoughts are likely to be in line with your advance as a perfect human being. Your will is the expression of your divine being, which you can identify as your "I AM", your real being. But not always is your real being who makes decisions on what you do or not. Who else can make decisions for me? Well, your lower being, that which is the expression or the mind of the physical body.

As we have seen in previous lectures, when you are spectator of your own thinking process, you are in control, you are in the positive side of your mind, you can make your will instead of doing another else's will, when you act by impulse, by your lower desires, you are in the negative side of your mind, you're not doing your will, you are been guided by the animal who carries your divine soul, your body. This, doesn't mean your physical body does not have importance, on the contrary, the better your physical body is, the better the chances to stay fighting in this physical plane to evolve more rapidly.

Even if we have the power to control our thoughts, we have to unfold it. It is a potential power. Dealing with all the influences in this material plane, make us forget our divine origin and our many faculties, a few minutes after we read some good material or do some spiritual work, we lose our focus in what we want and begin to think and what we fear, or what we don't want or what we don't need. Motivated for the distractions of the world outside, created by stronger mentalities living their dreams. When we begin to live in the world we want, we can surely affirm that we have gained control over our thinking; our mind is stronger than others mind around and we start to create our own universe.

But when you think you are living the way you believe you want, but you are not achieving what you want, you may probably lying yourself, in the bottom of your heart you know you must do something different from what you are doing right now in your daily affairs. Think, when you're home at nights after a hard day, it is easier to turn on your TV than to do some spiritual work and concentrate your thoughts on what you want. Instead of distracting yourself with activities that won't lead you anywhere. Focus your attention in activities that will make you powerful, control your thoughts, because if you do so, you will control your feelings too, and this universe is made by the interaction of the process of thinking and feeling that every intelligent consciousness in the universe has been given. We are creators, is in our nature, thinking is creative, thoughts are things, the only difference is time.

We'll meet you in our next lecture. Let's receive love and peace from all of us.

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