Nature is always searching for equilibrium.

Nature is always searching for equilibrium

I once heard my aunt say to my cousin that she needed a little more of hot coffee in her cup, because her coffee had cooled and she wanted it hot again. Of course, after pouring the hot coffee into the cup, the cold coffee turned hot again. It seems very obvious, isn´t it? The cold coffee increases its temperature, as well as the hot coffee, poured into the cup, gave away some temperature, after mixed, the temperature of the coffee is between the two original. But, have you ever thought why?

Physicists, called the phenomenon previously described, Heat Conduction, and defines it as “the direct microscopic exchange of kinetic energy of particles through the boundary between two systems. When an object is at a different temperature from another body or its surroundings, heat flows so that the body and the surroundings reach the same temperature, at which point they are in thermal equilibrium”.

That definition can be easily proved, no laboratory is required. You can experience it in your daily affairs.

But nature not only looks for equilibrium in thermal phenomenon, nature is always looking for equilibrium. Let´s examine a few examples.

If you throw a stone into a pool, waves of water will begin to move exactly where the stone hits the water, Eventually , the water is calm. If you mix two colors, a neutral color will result of its combination. If two magnetic fields are close enough, the one with the greatest charge will pass some energy to the other until both are in equilibrium, the same happens with subatomic particles, everything in nature is looking for equilibrium. It is evident that there is transfer of energy between objects that are in physical contact. Something is transferred when adjacent atoms vibrate against one another, or as electrons move from one atom to another.

Another aspect associated to equilibrium, is that, whenever Nature is equilibrating something, the flow is always going from the body with the greatest quantity of energy to the body with less energy, the flow ends when they are equilibrated.

In our brains, scientists have found that messages are communicated by electrical stimulation through microscopic organs called dendrites, and equilibrium is searched there too. One dendrite conducts electrochemical stimulation to another by the differences in their electrical charges, and our thinking stimulates those variations.

By observation many physical phenomenon have been discovered, after studying them, scientist call them laws, however, they only describe and measure what the phenomenon do.

To look for inner causes is always left to philosophers or other type of thinkers, to describe and measure phenomenon is left to scientists. Don´t you realize that both group are equilibrating each other?

Why do you think that in our global population there are approximate 50% women and 50% men? Yes, nature is always looking for equilibrium.

In the animal kingdom happens the same, There is balance in the births of females and males, nature using its infinite intelligence achieves equilibrium in every part of the manifested plane.

But what happens in the non-manifested part of nature? In previous lectures we have seen that what is in the manifested part of nature we call it material plane, but that is a small part of our reality, just the tip of the iceberg. There is a bodiless part of reality in which there are forces, thinking, souls, egos, etc. where the greatest part of reality is, we must assume that reality is beyond that what our senses show to us.

The material plane is the reflection of other inner planes. Remember that our thinking shapes our reality, and that happens in the inner mental and psychic plane. Here comes to our help the old hermetic saying: “as above so below”, which says that every law of The Universe must repeat in every plane of existence.

If in the material plane equilibrium is looked for by nature, in others non-material planes of existence, equilibrium is looked for too.

When you think, you send a force, your thought is a force, but as we have said, everything in nature is equilibrated, so when a force is release another force must equilibrate it.

When you think long and hard enough about something you want, fear, love or hate, you are creating a field of energy in your personal atmosphere, or if you prefer you are making a mental matrix of the images you think about, when the field of energy is strong enough to alter the equilibrium in your own atmosphere, nature acts and equilibrates those fields of energy, by drawing to you the exact images that you have created.

Remember that when your thinking is accompanied by fear, you repel the things that you really want by attracting to you, the things that you fear, and when your thinking is accompanied with faith, you draw to you the things you want, because they´re the images that you´ve mentally created. That is the way that nature uses to equilibrate our thinking, by giving us the things that we picture in our mind, depending on the way we use it to create mental images and feelings.

we want to emphasize in your mind, that we can consciously equilibrate our thinking by an effort of our will. That is the power we have to overcome undesirable mental states.

Every day we receive multiples influences, most of them are bad influences for our way of thinking, because are the influences of strong minds who are trying to sale something by advertisement techniques in TV, making us believe that we need something we don´t really need, or marking us feel bad because we don´t have a nice product, or are trying to make us watch the bad news they are broadcasting, and the list goes on and on. This is the socio-economical structure we are now living in. In time, they succeed with their powerful techniques, because most of the people have weak personalities, our task is to mold our mind to think differently and overcome all those influences.

We must be our own influence, we know it is not an easy task, but if we really want to be the creator of our own reality and not be a part of someone else’s reality, we must do the effort. Begin to concentrate your thoughts a few minutes daily, do the practical lessons that we offer you in this website, don’t try to achieve much in the beginning, it is a slow process, by in time the rewards for being a conscious thinker, are happiness and joy.

We´ll meet you in our next lecture. Let´s receive love and peace from all of us.

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