To be or ..... To have.

to be or to have

Have you realized how many websites offer you the master key to have everything you always wanted? They give you free bonuses if you decide to buy their secrets formulas right now, they give you guarantees and return your money if you do not get satisfaction, they tell you real stories from people who achieved goals using their formulas.

Success is focused in what you would have, rather than what you would be using their methods.

Imagine you´re a young man or woman and one day you receive unexpectedly 10 million dollars from a generous millionaire, and you have permission to do whit them wherever you want. Would it be good or bad for you? Most people respond that it would be good. We say it depends on people´s personality.

How many meals can a person eat per day? A person probably would not eat more than 3, 4 or 5 meals without getting sick.

How many cars would you buy before you realized it useless to have more than 3, 4, 5 cars?

How many couples would you have before you hate yourself for having such an empty heart?

But I would eat the best food, buy the best cars and have the most beautiful couples, you'd say. And we'd say Ok, that´s good, but human bodies have limits; human desires for material things have limits. Beyond material satisfaction there is only emptiness and loneliness, because, there are things that money can´t buy.

So, is it bad to have material possessions and to be rich? Our answer is not at all. On the contrary, many times opulence only expresses the equilibrium that some people have between their material and spiritual lives.

The main thing here is your expectations about money. If you think that just for having lots of millions, your happiness, salvation and everything you need is solved, then, probably you´re overestimating money´s value.

If you think that money is a means to study yourself, to improve your vision about the reality you live in, to travel to see different countries and learn about their culture, to have time to meditate on the infinite intelligence that shows itself every second in the manifested universe, probably you have equilibrium between your material world and your spiritual world, and you would avoid to worship something that is temporal and doesn´t have value per se: Money.

There is a fact we all can´t ignore: we live in a material world. Al least, most of our consciousness is focusing in the material plane, or we think we are, because, there is another fact here, we are slept most of our time, we only daydream. Don´t you believe us?

Try this: focus your attention on an image of a red circle for one minute, try to not think on anything else, only in the image.

One minute. Right, you started to think in last weekend´s movie, you started to think over the football game you are going to watch tonight, about the laundry, your girlfriend or boyfriend, the sounds around you. Yes, your thoughts have started to jump to one image to another, one concept to another, remembering things you lived, imagining a parallel life you want, seeing yourself surrounded by the material things you want.

You are fascinated by your own senses, they make you dream, believing your living awake, but you´re not, you´re mind is in a passive condition, just receiving and processing information, away from your own will. The needed state of mind, is as when you´re studying, because you´re concentrated, you´re focus on what you want, just in one topic at a time.

Living in a material world is not easy for a being that has a material and spiritual nature like our own, beside, it is harder for us, when materialism seems to be the main current in our universe, because our senses give us only a reflect of what reality is, the real knowledge is from our reasoning and intuition, our senses only provide us plain images, forms, sounds, and they are necessary indeed, but they alone don´t provide us real knowledge, we need to think.

Modern societies tend to make us believe that we need more than we really need. Above our basic needs, our society defines an artificial state called success.

It defines it as the accumulation of material goods. In nature there is no success, life in nature is different, and a creature only survives or die.

Does a Lion need to storage food he won't eat? No he does not. Is he a failure for not having stored food? No, he is not.

They survive, and for doing that, they help to build a bigger plan, a plan that nature has for the advancement of all living creatures.

In human race the desire for having more is strong; despite that a great percentage of living human beings struggle for survive every day with one dollar in our planet, there are others who have secure their basic needs and pretend to need more.

We are not saying living in poverty is natural and better than living in a rich way. We say living in balance with material and spiritual things is the right way to live.

Ironically this competition for having more has impelled societies and countries to better off their ways of living.

We must remember that we are pieces of an intelligent plan, a plan sometimes we don't understand.

We must give the real dimension to everything we deal with, it is important to be but you need to have things to live, if things make you easier you´re progress they are good, if they don´t , you have to take care of them.

If you become a slave of your own possessions, they are not helping you, if they help you to be a better person, keep them, if they don´t drop them as soon as possible.

We´ll meet you in our next lecture. Let´s receive love and peace from all of us.

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