Not everything is as it seems. The reality is beyond the information of our senses.


Of course our planet looks like a giant platform, the information coming from our eyes tells us is very reasonable that we live on a flat planet. How silly they were to believe that, you´re probably saying, but it took many years to realize our planet has a round shape; it was until Magellan made the first planet´s Circumnavigation that people was completely sure our planet had a round shape.

99% of people doesn´t know how cellular phones work, but we now assume as normal that we dial a number and talk to a person 200 miles away without a wire. Let´s get back a 100 years in the past and imagine if people would have believed that something called cell phones could make calls using artificial satellites.

Humanity builds civilizations accumulating knowledge. We are what we are because we have accumulated knowledge. If a cataclysm happens and 95% of humanity is annihilated, probably we´ll return to primitive time, because the accumulated knowledge would be lost and our civilization makes us what we are.

What we are trying to say, is that, reasoning and experience must be added to the information that our senses give us to become real knowledge, to know reality we must reasoning about the data we have and processes it in a logical way.

Beyond those images, reflects, tastes and sounds there is that inner voice telling us that there is something further, something different from what we can perceive from our senses.

We now know that we are a bunch of atoms grouped in a singular way that shapes what we call our bodies, and we know there are electrical and chemical processes happening right now inside our bodies, the atoms are held together by some magnetic forces, and somehow there is a force that moves our heart´s beatings, that began when we were born and that it´ll be until our last day of existence on this planet.

What is there between atoms? Is there emptiness? If emptiness is between atoms, how can they be together with others atoms? By magnetic forces you´d say, so there would not be emptiness at all, there would be forces there, but what are forces? By seeing our universe, we realize forces are those necessary factors to move things or to keep things where they are, they are related to movement.

We have identified two different aspects of our bodies, atoms and forces. Nobody could disagree, because even if no one have see them, our reasoning faculty and our previous knowledge verify this information, our bodies are compound by atoms and forces, forces because there is movement in it, and is must be force whenever there is movement. What do you think is the missing part in our bodies? What else do we have? Well, yes, you´re right, we have a mind. Actually we have two minds, but that will be discussed later.

Remember that in our conceptions of reality mind is different from brain. One of mind´s attributes is intelligence, you know, that faculty that allows us to solve problems. When you live in a universe like ours, is evident that intelligence must be involve in its design. If you are atheist, please keep reading, concentrate your thoughts and analyse a couple of natural phenomena.

You'll realize that intelligence is inherent in those processes. We'll talk and discuss later if our universe was created or always has been and existed like this, that would be a good topic for a forum. But remember, our main purpose here is to share practical information to allow us to transform our own reality.

The laws we will use to shape our own reality, will work no matter if you are atheist, Christian, Jewish or Muslim. We are free investigators, with no commitment to any group. We only believe our mind could shape reality using the same forces which nature does.

Well, we have identified 3 aspects of our beings: atoms, forces and mind. You would not be you if one of these three aspects is missing. There is an old saying among occultists: “As Above So Below.” They say that the conditions and laws in the microcosm are the same in the macrocosm. If our bodies have three aspects, our universe has three aspects too. In the same way, there are atoms, forces and intelligence shaping the universe.

Not everything is as it seems, the reality is beyond the information of our senses. Apparently we are only a body, but we have seen that there are three natures in our bodies. Reasoning tells us this fact; it is a vision closer to reality.

We are three in one, one in three. Each one of these natures is inseparable, they make what we are and they are always together to make one class. There is another aspect resulting from force, every single atom of the universe moves at a determined speed, each one of these atoms vibrates at the specific rate to mold an object in the manifested universe.

We are told this is the master key to transform reality.

But how can we control vibration? Which is the main factor to give a direction and speed to something? Which is the tool used? We use thought, and its results are expressed in the material plane and the mental plane as well. Think of your first kiss, if it was a nice experience those memories will change the state of your mind, you´ll be receptive to positive thoughts of love and affection. You use your will to direct the direction of your thought, as the first kiss example, then, the thoughts change the state of your mind.

The forces are there, the thoughts change the direction and speed of states.

The thoughts change the vibration of our universe.

Think in one person who has hurt you, and the state of your mind is altered. There are millions of examples every day of how your thoughts affect reality, how affect the vibration of your mind and how affects your own body.

Think of a person cutting his tongue with a knife and you'll feel something in your tongue. Think of a lime and you´ll body will generate saliva.

But the examples just given are tested very easily, the difficult part is to believe that your thoughts could affect the forces out of your body and change the vibration of the atoms out of your body. As we don´t understand how and we don't see instantaneous results, we believe our thoughts just go somewhere without affecting the reality we live in.

Remember not everything is as it seems, even if you don´t see it, there is a large world beyond our 5 senses, our material plane is just the tip of the iceberg. We´ll meet you in our next lecture.

Let´s receive love and peace from all of us.
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