Today is the day.


Everybody seems to plan their life. We all seem to know what we want in life and in order to achieve our goals we do specific activities, at the end of most people lives just a small percentage can say they are completely satisfied with what they achieved, the other percentage of people feel that they could have done more.

An interesting study on old people, asked the question ¿what would you have done different in your life if you had the opportunity to get back in time? The following answers were the most frequents:

I would have worked less and spent more time with my loved ones.

I would have started the business I always wanted to have.

I would have confessed the love I felt to that person who never knew I loved her/him, because of my lack of courage.

We ask you to think a couple of minutes on those answers. You can easily identify that lack of confidence and lack of courage prevent those old persons to achieve what they say they wanted in life.

There are thousands of excuses people give for explaining why they didn´t do what they longed in their hearts. It is impossible for me to be loved for that woman, she is too beautiful, or too rich, or too poor to me, the frustrated lover says to himself in the deepest part of his soul, instead of telling her I love her, I will dream beautiful dreams, nobody is exposed to be embarrassed in public if I don´t tell my dreams to anybody, she doesn´t need to know that I love her, besides she probably won´t care, finally the lover thinks.

Fifty years later, the same lover finds in him the courage he needed in his younger’s days, the courage which people only find at the end of their lives, knowing that nothing really matters yet.

When you are twenty years old, you feel in your heart security of what you will be, even if at the time, you are not completely sure of what that might be. But you know you will live your life the way you want. When you are thirty your dreams begin to diverge a bit with the reality you are living, but you know you are still young and before you are forty you will make it.

Then you are forty and you are living a happy family life, you are working hard for your loved ones, your dreamed life is now resting in your inner thoughts, now you know it is more important to focus in what you think it matters for your family, you have grown up already, you don´t dream child dreams anymore.

In certain point in your lifetime, most of the times when your forces are less strong than they used to be, you realize you could have done more than you have done in your life.

You become conscious you are not young anymore and ask to yourself ¿where has that time flied? In your memories twenty five years is just a flash in your mind, you only remember some days. There are 9125 days in 25 years, but you only remember few of them, you don´t even remember what you did two weeks behind, unless you have a diary and read what you wrote down, of course.

People in their minds, go back in time and go to the future, they spend most of their thinking traveling in time, it is very strange that a person stay in the present when thinking, we are always traveling in time. Please don´t believe us, experience it, you can study your thoughts, after that, you tell us if we are not saying the truth.

Staying most of the time in the past or in the future when thinking, we may waste our best opportunity we have in life, which is “today”. Today is the only chance you really have to achieve your goals, not yesterday, not tomorrow, only now and here, today.

Today is powerful, today is real, today is a resource you can depend on. The past and the future are dreams, dreams that you make today.

So, ¿don´t we have to make plans, because plans are future activities and we only have to do activities today since the future is a dream? Not planning your life would be harmful for you. What we are trying to make you understand, is that even when you’re planning future activities, you have to do it consciously in the present time. Make your plans for achieving a goal, should take a short time, a month, a week, you know better than us how much, the problem is when you are planning your entire life, and keep planning and planning and at the end of your life, you didn’t do anything because you were planning all the time, waiting for the right time to do it.

There is only one right time and is today. When you feel that hunch of doing something, please do it, it comes from inside, of course we are talking about positive and constructive things. When you have the intention of talking to someone you haven´t talked for long time and you don´t do it, you don´t know what you are missing, remember the infinite intelligence works through all the elements of the universe to accomplish its colossal purpose, be an instrument, receive their signs, do not procrastinate, make that call, send that email, send that resume, write that book, send those flowers, do your part, the infinite intelligence will do the rest, remember that if you knock a door long enough it will be opened.

Another element we want to make clear to you is visualization, which is an activity you do consciously, different from daydream. Visualization is a powerful mental activity that mixed with other mental activities, can give you mathematical results. Daydream is what most people do when thinking, traveling from one place to another, from past to the future, that is the activity you should avoid by all means, remember in the previous lecture, we talked about the negative state of mind, when you´re daydreaming, your mind is passive or negative, and it is only receiving outside influences.

In a day you could live a lifetime, make every day a separated life. Huge plans are heavier to carry them in only one day, that is why our mind sends our thoughts to the next week, a week we never reach, remember our mind is self defending. Here is the key, make plans that could be divided in little activities, daily activities, no matter how insignificant they are, no matter how small, they add, and we can assure you it will be easier for you to do it, and most important, it is more probable that you do it.

Use the observation of nature, see the ants, every day they carry a small grain of sand, they stay in the present, they are not thinking what the future will be, or what the chances of success are, they only have one purpose in one day and is to carry that small grain, in time the sum of all those days of working give them a new quality, a new reality they call home. Try to do more, and try to dream less, and after all do it today.

We´ll meet you in our next lecture. Let´s receive love and peace from all of us.

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