What is that of the law of attraction?

law of attraction

Like attracts like. That´s the synthesis expressed in the movie The Secret. That movie put in the scene and ancient knowledge, some people call it the Law of Opulence, others the Law of Demanding or the Law of Supply and Demand; and now it is called the Law of Attraction. No matter how it is called, even in the bible there are descriptions in many chapters and gospels of that law.

Millions now around the world practice what the movie The Secret says: If you think good thoughts you´ll draw good things, on the contrary, if you think bad thoughts you´ll draw bad things. If you think on what you desire, you´ll draw it to you.

That sounds very simple, but results, tell us is not. Why not? Because it is involved the process of thinking, and to think rightly requires training, discipline and self development. Man must develop through his own inherent force, and through knowledge of the laws of nature and their uses.

It is a well known fact in Occultism that everyone has now just what he deserves, and this is as true relative to Opulence as it is to spiritual and mental qualities.

Each individual must learn to rely upon his own strength and knowledge of law for his success in life. This may seem cruel at first thought, because it is a fact that some people are more advanced in their mental and spiritual development, and some people are behind in the journey, but it is really kind and just because it gives each man an opportunity to develop his best qualities.

In time everybody will have the same opportunities to develop themselves, this Universe is made by law, what now seems to be unfair, in time will be understood, and justice will be done.

Don´t think on what seems to be the advantages of the people who live in better conditions or have acquired what you don´t have, you don´t know what the conditions were to make this or that situation to happen.

The only race is within you. The only fight is against your own way of thinking. What you must probe to yourself is that you can shape the reality you live in.

The history of the world shows that every mental request of man has been met. Man grew tired of walking and carrying things and the cumbersome ox cart was evolved to supply his needs. But he was not satisfied with this crude vehicle and demanded something better. Then came the horse and a lighter wagon, and after that came steam cars, bicycles, and automobiles; and still man is not satisfied; he wishes to fly and flying machines were built.

Guglielmo Marconi, the Italian inventor, was considered crazy by his own friends and relatives when he announced to the world that he had discovered a way to send messages without any wire. He didn´t care, he was an advanced man, he had enough energy and faith to see himself broadcasting through the air using invisible waves.

Besides he had developed the technical knowledge to make his inventions, but he saw it first in his mind. Now is known as the father of long distance radio transmission.

Imagine yourself picturing what you want in your mind. You think you are doing your homework, so results should come in a short time. But you don´t see in this material plane what you imagined in your mind, after a few months of visualizations you start to think that all this knowledge is a waste of your time. Have you ever thought in a couple of great inventors giving up after a few months of trying? If they had given up in a few months, they were not great now.

Now, there are thousands of books telling you how to draw material things with the use of visualization of the things you want and gratitude for the things you already have, and there are stories about people who achieved goals, but there are also stories of the people who didn´t achieved anything.

The principle or law that gets you the things you want by demanding them and visualizing them, works for everybody, as well as the law of gravity works for everybody, the variation in results depend on each person´s mental development, the law or principle remains the same anywhere is used.

The problem is that we think we are exceptions. If you hear the story of one person that has used the law successfully, you must have in consideration the mental development that person has, but you probably don´t consider it, you start to think you can do it too in the same time, you visualize that million dollar which will solved all your problems, but in a short time you are disappointed because you receive none.

It is possible to draw to you anything you want in a short time, but do not hope to achieve what trained minds who have worked along mental lines for many years have accomplished. Those who can demonstrate almost anything using their minds have walked the path of life further than us, and have had proofs of discipline that you would barely understand.

We are not saying we have to be miserable when asking things to our Father, we want to impress in your mind that everything must unfold. Star by asking things that you consider possible in your reasoning. If you are an employee, it is reasonable that you might want an increase in your salary, or a better position, so visualize it very clear in your mind, day after day, asking to whoever Deity you believe in, as you consider that petition within your possibilities you will have enough faith that you will get it and results will come faster, but if you instead ask for things that are beyond your field of possibilities, you will probably lack the necessary faith and results will delay its arrives, and your faith will go down and down.

One of the hardest tasks we endeavor in our lives is to believe. Everybody wants their dreams in this material plane, they long for them, but in their inner beings, they don´t believe they will get them. There is a huge difference between wanting the things you long for and believing you are going to receive them. Many want but few believe.

More lectures about this topic will be given, but we ask you to begin by educating your mind, discipline it. If you are ready to use this knowledge, you are going to get results; because you have enough faith in our Father, who provides the things you want.

Your intuition tells you that this knowledge is true and you use the law consciously, you don´t need to search for more information, because you have proved to yourself that the law is true, but if you are a beginner in the use of the Law to manifest in this plane the things you want, then our recommendation is to begin by asking the things that are in your circle of belief. If you are an employee it would be easier for you to manifest a better position than a million dollars in six months, not because is not possible, but because you are just beginning to develop in the mental field.

If you can achieve a better position, a better salary, a better car, in time you will be able to manifest in your life bigger things, but remember everything in this Universe unfolds. If you manifest a huge quantity of money in a short time, we can assure you, that you have advance in the path of mental development, even if you are not aware of it at this time, because this Universe is made by Law, and no one is where one doesn´t belong.

We´ll meet you in our next lecture. See more in this reading support: Keys to Successful Creative Visualization

Let´s receive love and peace from all of us.

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