If you're hungry you buy a burger, in a minute you're satisfied. That's the problem.

short-term culture

Fast food, an icon of an era, a symbol of what we must live. Have you ever imagined going to a fast food restaurant, order a burger and wait 20 minutes to get it? That´s unthinkably, you go to a fast food restaurant, get the food in a minute, eat it and 5 and back to work in 10 minutes. Probably we exaggerated, but we are not far from reality.

You´re internet speed, for instance, back in the latest 90´s, you were lucky if you had 256 kbps, you downloaded a couple of videos all night long, went to sleep and let your computer do the job, in the morning, first thing you saw, was your computer´s screen and what a satisfaction to realized that there was only 2% missing. Now, you're probably sailing at a speed of 8 megabytes or more. Forget buffering a video, you don´t have time.

The point is that you´re mind is organized to get what you want very fast. You don´t believe in long terms rewards, you want it now. But nature seems to work differently.

In nature everything is evolving, everything is becoming, everything is changing, but at least in this material plane we live in, time is the crucial factor.

Everything unfolds slowly, nature prepares the ground where a change will occur, and it´s not just happens, a previous process prepared the scenario where a new quality will appear.

Again, humans tend to create artificial states to survive, we are not anthropologist and we could not say why living in a hurry has become our way to live in the western societies, but living in a hurry is an artificial state of human beings, nature doesn´t act in a hurry, it all seems to be a matter of economical interest. Please leave that current, you don´t have to live in a hurry. We don´t know about you, but many people search for this type of knowledge because they assume they will get rich real quick, and we´d say it is possible but it is not the most important.

The most important here, is what your chances of becoming an advanced man or woman are, advanced in a whole sense, not only in your financial life, but we understand is it important to have enough resources to live in peace.

As nature does, you must prepare the ground where the changes will take place, in this case, your own life, you´re own way of thinking. But this is not an overnight process. Please don´t believe you can become an advanced man or woman just by listening audios for 30 days, or watching videos of a strange content and in 14 days get all what you always have wanted. We are not saying is impossible, it is possible to obtain instantaneous results, but do not wait to achieve what trained minds have achieved by preparing themselves for many years.

We are going to repeat those two words: "Many Years".

We hope you are starting to comprehend that a real change in your life could take time. We are going to use a gross example, if you want to improve your body´s shape you go to a gym and start to lift weights, because you want bigger arms, one week and you can´t see changes, one month and you can´t see changes, two months and you start to see a little change, but is far from where you want to get and you go on, you keep training and in time you get a real change, your arms are bigger and stronger but in order to keep them that way, you must train every day, you must have discipline.

You see in nature that things are moldable, we don´t know why and we don´t try to understand why, we have a limited intelligence and it is a worthless job try to understand the design of an infinite intelligence, but observation is a valuable resource we have, so we use it.

It would be better to know causes, but as it has said, we don´t know them, so we use what we observe from effects.

If everything is moldable in nature, our mind is too. We are not talking about our brain, we are talking about our mind, many people think they are the same, but there are indicators that show us they´re not. Did you know that some people live with one half of their brains?

Well, if our mind is moldable we should mold it. First step is to learn to concentrate our thoughts.

If you think concentrating is a waste of time, is too hard or is not necessary, get back to audios and videos to improve yourself, they probably help you. But if you are really interested in this knowledge, you must do a conscious effort, use your will to mold your mind, focusing in the thoughts you want to think and not only jumping to one idea to another.

This is a slow process, you must be patient, you must have discipline, you won´t see results in a short time, some will be disappointed, other will continue, they won´t see results yet and another group will be disappointed, other will continue, in time effort will be rewarded.

You are going to become something better because of what you are, not because of the things you have, but is it inevitable that when you are, you have.

Read again and again this shorts lectures, understanding comes little by little, intuition will guide you, don´t be disappointed if you think you´re not getting anything, in time your perseverance will be rewarded.

Later you will be given practical instructions of how to learn to concentrate your thoughts, by now you must continue reading and understanding this lectures.

We´ll meet you in our next lecture. Let´s receive love and peace from all of us.

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