The Art of Thinking Rightly.

art of thinking rightly

In this lecture, we are going to give you the key to think rightly. We realize this statement sounds like we are trying to sell something or we are trying to convince you for our own benefit. Just keep in mind that we are not selling anything and we are not trying to convince you on any particular subject. If this little writing helps you to understand a bit of how our mind works, our goal will be achieved.

Everybody thinks, but not everybody thinks rightly. For making it easy to understand, we are going to say that our mind might be divided in two sub minds. In order to avoid those complex theories about what they call subjective and objective mind, or conscious and subconscious mind, we are just going to say that in our mind can be distinguish two ways of thinking, the one we control and the other that seems to be generated automatically and we can´t control. If it is easier for you to put names to those areas of thinking it is ok, just try not to be involved in complex reasoning.

When you go to bed at nights, hundreds of images and memories flashes in your mind, it is very hard to keep your mind calm, an image jumps and another shadows it, then, memories run into your mind, it is like a train passing your mind.

When you are studying you are focused in one subject, perhaps, an image or a memory passes by, but it seems that you are in control of your thoughts, you are focus and you direct your mind.

Most of the time your thinking is guided by outside factors, you are storing memories, experiences, and feelings every second, that part of your mind that file all the information coming from your senses eventually gives you back those files in a random way, that is why you begin to see images, landscapes, streets, people, but you don´t give them any importance, you just assume it is a normal condition of your mind and never think about it.

But you are not condemned to daydream and be slave of automatic thinking, you have the power to direct your thought.

That power resides in the portion of your mind that is able to decide what to do or what to think, it is your will. The will is the expression of your real being. It is that force which allows you to decide where your thinking goes. It is the power we have to consciously make a decision.

Let´s make an important difference between making your will and fulfilling your desires. When you’re fulfilling a desire, you might not being making your own will, even if you think you are, and that is because as we said before, there are two areas of thinking in your mind, or if you prefer there are two sub minds operating and they are shifting control in the process of thinking inside you.

When you consciously say “I am”, or if you decide at this very moment to say “I am”, and think on it intentionally, you are using your will, you are directing your thoughts, but most of the times you are not directing your thoughts, you are daydreaming, the other portion of your mind or the sub mind that think automatically is in control. Unfortunately, most humanity´s thinking is in control of that portion of mind.

There are indicators that allow us to identify which part of the mind is in control at a specific time. If you were in a peaceful place, not talking to anybody with yours eyes closed and not thinking on anything, you will notice that as if you were a spectator images will start to pass, memories, sounds, words, and by an effort of your will, you stay aside. Where do they come from? They come from that part of your mind that generates thinking automatically. Well, if you can be a spectator of your thinking and you are aware of that, the sub mind where your consciousness is, controls your thinking, or your real and divine being is in control, on the contrary, if you’re doing something automatically, like saying words you don´t want to say or thinking thoughts you don´t want to think, the sub mind that generates thinking automatically is in control.

So, ¿ is it bad to be under the control of the sub mind that generates thinking automatically? You tell us. Just remember when you wanted to do something and you didn´t or you didn’t want to do something and you did it.

Another element we want to introduce in order to make you easier the understanding of mind is this: the sub mind that generates automatic thinking is always associated with feelings. Remember that there are good and bad feelings. Love is a feeling that always produces good results. (We are not talking about the sensual love that you see in a soap opera). Hate is a feeling that produces negative results. We may say that this sub mind is related to sensual thinking, whenever you find emotions in your thinking, it is highly possible that this sub mind is in control.

In other lecture you were told that humans have 3 aspects: substance or atoms and particles, forces and mind. We don´t want to split our mind in two for practical reasons. But it is evident that there are two aspects differentiating each part of mind. Again, if you feel more comfortable putting names to them do it, just remember that even if we are made of many components, we are one being, as well as the Universe is the sum of many elements, is just one universe.

The association of these sub minds creates things in the mental and material world. By the power of will, you create images or states of mind. For instance, your real and divine being wishes to create the image of a golden ray of light coming down to your body, the desire of a golden ray is injected in the sub mind that generates automatic thinking, and this sub mind by unknown processes create the desired mental image. It is the same when you sow a seed in the ground, by unknown processes the ground makes it grow. The will is injected in the sub mind which automatically thinks and then creates mentally what is desired. We may say that the thoughts which inject the purpose originated in the will of oneself are in the positive pole of our mind, and the thinking which receives the will is in the negative pole of our mind. Just imagine an AAA battery with its two poles + and -, one pole is the receiving part, the other pole is the giving part.

And so, ¿what is the key to think rightly? The answer is this: stay always in the positive pole of your mind, or in other words, be a spectator of the automatically thinking of the sub mind in the negative pole of our mind, but be a creator whenever you want to create something in your mind, direct your thoughts to the course you consciously desire. When you´re a spectator of your own thinking, you must know you´re in the positive pole of your mind, when you´re driven by anger, jealousy, envy, greed, lust, you must know you´re not a spectator anymore, you´re extremely inside your negative pole of mind, you are not a being who consciously gives thoughts anymore, you´re in a passive state, receiving all kind of influences from your stored experiences and memories, as well of others minds influences, you´re an open door, and unfortunately, you think you are the creator of those thoughts, and you say to yourself that you deserve all the sensually materials things you want, then you do activities you don´t believe you could do and the regrets the day after appears, you find yourself asking how could you do something like that, because you weren’t at the positive pole of your mind, your real being wasn’t in control.

To think rightly is very easy, isn´t it? We don´t think so, it is the hardest job a man or woman can have in this world. Sometimes the answers to mysteries are ridiculously obvious. To think rightly is to do our will and be aware of this all the time, but even if you know you must do it, you don´t do it.

The art of thinking is the art of shaping our own reality; remember our thinking changes the vibrations of our universe, every thought alter the medium where is launched.

There are techniques to improve the power of will and they will be given in the “Practical Exercises” part of this website.

We assure you that at this moment you´re not able to stay focus a couple of minutes in one thought, but this is our quest, to improve our self by controlling our mind, if you´re able to focus long periods of time, you have advanced in the spiritual path, and you should help us giving us information in the “contact us” section of this web site.

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We´ll meet you in our next lecture. Let´s receive love and peace from all of us.

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