Had you ever thought that our Universe is moving?.

the universe is moving

Please read carefully the next extract from a book called Corpus Hermeticum:

1. Hermes: All that is moved, Asclepius, is it not moved in something and by something?

Asclepius: Assuredly.

H: And must not that in which it's moved be greater than the moved?

A: It must.

H: Mover, again, has greater power than moved?

A: It has, of course.

H: The nature, furthermore, of that in which it's moved must be quite other from the nature of the moved?

A: It must completely.

2. H: Is not, again, this cosmos vast, [so vast] that than it there exists no body greater? A: Assuredly.

H: And massive, too, for it is crammed with multitudes of other mighty frames, nay, rather all the other bodies that there are?

A: It is.

H: And yet the cosmos is a body?

A: It is a body.

H: And one that's moved?

3. A: Assuredly.

H: Of what size, then, must be the space in which it's moved, and of what kind [must be] the nature [of thatspace]?

Must it not be far vaster [than the cosmos], in order that it may be able to find room for its continued course, so that the moved may not be cramped for want of room and lose its motion?

A: Something, Thrice-greatest one, it needs must be, immensely vast.

4. H: And of what nature? Must it not be, Asclepius, of just the contrary? And is not contrary to body, bodiless?

A: Agreed.
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What a wonderful and logical argument the ones who wrote these lines taught us. Modern physicists say our Universe is moving not around something, but is expanding itself at a great velocity. What is beyond our Universe then? There must be something.

What these lines say is that being our universe as big as it is, moves in something bigger and with different nature that our universe.

They say our universe is a body, and the contrary of the nature of a body is bodiless. This is a manifested universe; the nature of this universe is less subtle than the nature of the higher plane of existence where it moves which is bodiless.

But what do we know to be bodiless? Well, forces are bodiless. Mind is bodiless. Intelligence as an attribute of mind is bodiless. Love is bodiless.

We are going to call bodiless to those qualities that exist without having what we call matter, assuming that matter is constituted by atoms.

Think of the universe as a body. Imagine this: you are a thousand times bigger than our universe, and you are stand watching it from the distance. How does the universe look like to you? Probably like a sphere, or a flat round plate, we don´t know but the point is that being you as bigger in comparison to the universe, you would not see separateness between a galaxy and a nebulous, there would not be separateness among galaxies from your point of view, you would see only a body.

Now imagine that you are thousands of times smaller than an atom and you are stand watching a human body from the distance. More or less you would see something like the manifested universe of ours.

You would see lots of suns (atoms), planets, galaxies etc. Then, what is between atoms? What would you see? Well, there are others corpuscles like neutrons, electrons and sub atomic particles, but, if you would be thousands of times smaller than an atom what would you see among atoms? The only logical answers is that you would not see anything manifested, but is pretty sure you would know that there wouldn´t be emptiness because you know there are forces among them, and forces are bodiless.

If the medium where our universe moves is actually bigger than the universe, wouldn´t be possible that more universes exist? Well, some writings give that possibility, that there are more universes existing simultaneously right now.

We only want to make emphasis that our universe is a body moving around something, something extremely big which has a different nature than matter as we now know it, so the universe is not the total matter there is in the existence. Beyond that, nobody knows what there is, but is must be something that is bodiless.

With the examples given before we try to make you understand the triple nature of matter, forces and mind. We know it seems very hard to understand that one body could have at the same time three natures and being one at the same time, but it is the way it is.

It is important that consider that a whole bodiless world lives around us, that bodiless "something" impregnates us, surround us and is everywhere. It is much closer than you can understand it right now, and above all, it is conscious. Don´t misunderstands us believing that there is only one type of consciousness, we only know what being conscious for us means, but try to imagine an infinite consciousness, an infinite intelligence.

We´ll meet you in our next lecture.

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Let´s receive love and peace from all of us.

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