The Importance of Discipline

You could be the most gifted man in the world and not succeed in anything. Do you know why? Because most of the times, you start something and don´t finish it, or perhaps you don´t start at all.

Virgilio, the roman philosopher, used to say: “Fortune favors the brave”. To be brave means, have the necessary force to overcome thoughts not according with your goals. For instance, you long to become an excellent programmer; perhaps you have sufficient intelligence to be one of the bests. You have economic resources and have everything you need to achieve your goal , but, surprise! Nothing happens, probably you make a living as a programmer, have a job that allows you a decent life and your dream to be one of the bests, little by little is fading away.

Sometimes you accuse God of your failure. You know it´s not you, you can´t be your own cause of not being what you want. In your mind you deceive yourself believing you have made anything you need, deep in your heart you know you could have done more, but it is more comfortable to explain others the reason you have not achieved your most longing dreams is because God, your parents or your circumstances have not given you the right conditions to become what you want.

You have anything you need to become what you want. You have a treasure inside you, but it takes a lot of work, mental work, to find it. How many times you have wanted to do something different from what you finally did? Of course, many, many times, because there is an invisible force that makes you sit down in front of your TV, even though you know that activity will take you far away from your dreams. Where should you be to achieve your dream? There is only one person who can answer that question. You. I´m sure, very sure, that you really know what to do to get what you want, but you don´t do it. It happens the same with the person addicted to cigarettes. He knows that smoking will kill him, will impair his health but he doesn´t quiet, he keeps smoking. He hasn´t discipline his mind.

How do you know what you are capable to do if you don´t test yourself ever in your life? Sometimes crisis is the best that could happens to you, because crisis will get out of you the best qualities. Sometimes God doesn’t change circumstances because he is using circumstances to change you, to discipline you.

Discipline is man´s best friend, because it leads him to the deepest longings of his heart. Discipline is better than talent, because discipline will get you where you want, talent alone will not.

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