How do secret societies work?

How do secret societies work?

Have you ever wondered why people are always warring upon each other?

The Swiss scientist Jean-Jacques Babel found that during the 5,600 years humanity fought 14,500 wars with three and a half billion dead. That is half of today’s world population. In the 1991, for example, there were 52 wars or warlike crises upon Earth. This means that in the very year, after countless wars and clashes on this planet, among them two world wars in just one century, there are 104 opposing ideologies facing each other, with concerns that apparently weigh heavily enough to justify the killing of further millions of human beings.

What purpose could be served by war among them?

For centuries, peace organizations and philosophers alike have deliberated about this and found that almost all human beings upon Earth fight from time to time over territory and food. But aggressive behavior among animals cannot be compared directly with the behavior of human beings because the latter also have intelligence, consciousness and ethics. Just think of the difference between two predators fighting over the prey and multinational arms companies living off the sale of weapons and therefore off permanent war.

That the “fight for survival” can also be a source of entertainment is known from ancient Rome, when under the motto “panem et circenes” (bread and circus games) gladiators had to fight on another to delight the plebes and to distract them from their own powerlessness. The same principle today applies to televisions, videos and mass sports like football, which are all used to enable the superficial citizens to escape from the oppressive void of their existence.

What are the media diverting from?

What could man perhaps find out of realize if he wasn’t constantly diverted?

It is well known that a third party is usually gaining from the conflict of two others. If we enlarge this thought for persons to countries of to the whole planet, then we will still find it valid. Banking systems, for example, that had loaned money to a warring nation have a vested interest in seeing the war drag on.

Wars and unrest can also convince a people to accept the setting up of institutions, and to even welcome them, that under normal circumstances, it would never have accepted (e.g. NATO, UN).

On the whole, though, those not especially interested, excepting the dead, will find no link between the wars of the last centuries.

Could it be that wars benefit other besides the arms industry?

What is it that prompts people again and again to hate to such an extent that they are ready to kill their own species for it?

What can be so important to extinguish other lives for?

Has nothing been learned from the millions and billions that have already died in the wars, and from the pain thus induced?

In Yugoslavia, for instance, several peoples had been living together peacefully for many decades just to slaughter each other few years ago. What is it in these people that their brothers who lived in the same village, speak the same language, look similar, wear the same clothes, who love and enjoy, laugh and cry just as they do, are suddenly their bitterest enemies, so they slaughter their children, rape their wives and mothers, put the men into concentration camps…

Don’t we know this from somewhere already?

Have really ideological reasons of certain groups led to these wars, or might there be somebody else pulling strings in the wings?

Who could that third party be?

Where does that concept of the enemy originate that we are fed by religions, schoolbooks and the mass media?

What are the aims of those who engender these concepts of the enemy and have them constantly suggested to us?

Who would profit most from the rising hatred and the degeneration of humanity?

Perhaps it is to Satan, Lucifer, Ariman, Baphomet or other intangible entities that one would like to pass the blame? Perhaps.

To aim for a world government is nothing new, even today the Vatican wants to make this world a catholic one. And history shows that to this end it let millions of people be tortured and killed.

Islam has the same objective, and today has the best chances to achieve it as Islam is now the largest and also most fanatical religion.

The “pan-Slavic” ideology of Russia, originally voiced by William the Great, asking for the elimination of Germany and Austria in order to take India and Persia after having subjugated Europe, is another along those lines.

A further ideology to be mentioned is the one asking for a confederation of Asian stated under Japan with the motto “Asia to the Asians”.

Last, but not least, there is the “pan-Germanic” ideology planning a control of Europe by Germany, later to be extended to the whole world.

These persons are independent of any creed and do not belong to any nation. They are neither “rightist” nor “leftist” nor “liberal” but they use ALL institutions for their objectives. They are members of one organization or another, but just to hinder any research, to confuse the “curious” and put them on the wrong track. They use Christians and Jews, fascists and communists, Zionists and Mormons, atheists and Satanists, the poor and the rich… EVERYONE!

Above all though, they use the ignorant, the lazy, the uninterested and uncritical.

Among insiders, these persons are called “ILLUMINATI” (the enlightened ones, the initiates), Big Brother, the invisible government, the Grey Men, the shadow government, the secret government, the establishment…

The so-called “Illuminati” started their dealings on this world about 300,000 B.C., when the “BROTHERHOOD OF THE SNAKE” in Mesopotamia, was infiltrated by the group of people we call “Illuminati” today and was misused for their negative aims. It is not only possible, but, very likely, that this drama had started much earlier, at the time when the “ego” developed.

But because of the work of the “Brotherhood of the Snake” we can trace this activity back to a time in history which was followed by groups like Jews, Christians, Freemasons or other religious sects only 3,000 generations later. Today, this “game” is played, among others, by a few members of the Zionist community, as the book will show, but it has neither started with them nor will it end with them. What had started way back then is today still following the same rules. It suffices therefore to look into the present situation to recognize where the problems are.

If one wants to categorize the thought or belief system of them, then perhaps one has to choose “Machiavellism” which justifies power politics without ethical standards, thence: political unscrupulousness.

An example: POWER

You are the new king of a country and you want to make sure to remain king. So you call two persons to you, one after the other, of whom you are sure that they would do as told.

The first one you educate according to “leftist” principles and you give him funds to set up a party. The second you also finance, but you ask him to found a “right wing” party.

Now you have established two opposing parties, you finance propaganda, elections, activities and thus you always know their plans. You control them both. If you want one of them to be ahead, you just give them more funds than the other. Both leaders think you’re on their side, and you are the “friend” of both. The people will be so caught-up in the to-ing and fro-ing of “left” and “right” that they will never suspect that you as their king might be behind the dispute.

The people will even ask you for help and advice.

In the American Civil War (1861-1865) the Northern States (who opposed slavery) fought the Southern States (who were for slavery).

Before the war the ROTHSCHILD family had agents stir up pro-union feelings in the Northern States. Other agents, though, at the same time fanned secessionist feeling in the Southern states.

When the war started The London Rothschild bank financed the North and The Paris Rothschild bank the South.

The only real winners in this war were the ROTHSCHILDS.

To summarize the system:

- One creates conflicts where people fight each other and not the true instigator.

- One is never seen as the instigator of the conflicts

- One supports all warring parties.

- One is seen as the “benefactor” who could end the conflict.

Since the “illuminati” want to attain world power, their way to achievement is to sow as much discord as possible between the people and nations of the world so these will be caught up in a net of misinformation and will never find out who is really behind it all. The international SECRET SOCIETIES, which we are about to look into, are the mightiest tool for sowing discord among the people. At the same time people are constantly involved in wars amongst themselves that eventually they will tire of it and will “plead” for a WORLD GOVERNMENT.

And here we see the plan. The “beneficial organization” will be called upon to end the conflict. And who is this on this planet? The UN! Let us see who is actually behind the UN. The “Illuminati” mentioned here are not just anybody, they are the richest people in the world.

They never appear on TV or in other media, since they not only own and therefore control all the mass media, but also the news agencies. And if ever something gets to be known about them, it is either neutral or positive.

The largest part of the population does not even know their names. And the authors who already uncovered some of their machinations never became famous, although they should have been awarded the Nobel prize.

It is a fact that almost the same number of people are so caught up in their own personal “problems” they never had – or lost in the meantime – the over-all view of what happens in the world and around them. The majority is suffering from “political frustration” and have therefore pulled out. Lack of time, failing interest, and insufficient discrimination because of a lack in specialized knowledge, have led to this “abstinence”. But pulling out will not change anything here, on the contrary, this is what our “helmsmen” want. Every single one giving up makes it easier for them to reach their goal. Thus the first thing to do is to gain knowledge of these goings-on.

the truth will set you free
And as a great world teacher said:

“Find Truth, for Truth will set you free!”

One could divide humanity into three types:

1) Those who cause things to happen.

2) Those who just watch what happens.

3) Those who are surprised at what has happened.

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