Welcome to the Start of a New Era .

Our philosophy is based, among other things, on the belief that the process of creation inherent in human mind, is similar to the forces that nature uses to build the manifested universe.

We strongly believe that human mind can transform an intangible idea into reality. This process of transformation must take place in our material plane using the current means of economical and social developing, as well as, the influence that our thoughts make in the mental plane, connecting conditions and circumstances, which enable to manifest a singular reality.

Our thoughts configure our reality mainly in two planes of existence:

a) Material plane: Conditioning our behavior and motivating us to do activities or omit activities.

b) Mental plane: Linking the necessary means to manifest a singular quality.

We don´t know if you have heard of this philosophy before, but you don’t have to believe anything you are told instantly, instead of believing blindly, you should prove an idea through the filter of your reasoning faculty, if it passes the proof, you should be able to test it in your daily affairs as truthful, not at the very moment you want, but in the course of time.

In believing a new idea, our reasoning faculty will test it on the previous knowledge we have learned, always; and this is because our faculty of reasoning is chiefly inductive, that is, we try to comprehend our universe, by analyzing it from the particular piece of information we are seeing, then we make conclusions based on the information our senses give us.

For instance: six hundred years ago, most people believed our planet was a flat platform, because they only understood what their eyes could see, and of course, the earth seemed to be flat, but they weren’t right, they lacked information and their conclusions about our planet´s shape were wrong.

But time has taught us that reasoning and logic must be added to the information our senses give us, to make right judgment of the reality we live in.

Intuition is crucial in the process of human understanding.

Why do you know something without having proof? Why do you know when your friend is telling you the truth or a lie? Why do you believe in something without seeing? Why do you know in advance when your spouse is sad or happy? Why does humanity have the idea that there must be something superior to the human race?

Intuition is that particular part of our intelligence that´s always right if it´s well developed, in our daily affairs we uses most of the times unconsciously, and we make decisions every day based on it, but we must unfold it from ourselves, we must feed it with proper information to make it efficacious.

Free Investigators is a project motivated by the experiences of persons who by intuition used the transformative power of human mind. This natural force, in some cases was proved consciously by our own experiences, sometimes we used it unconsciously, but we believe it is within us and it can be develop in time by a serious effort and practice.

In Free Investigators we believe, that it is very important that before learn how to use mental forces, we must develop our personalities in order to avoid misuses of the natural forces or using them for selfish ends.

For that purpose, lectures will be given about many topics, which will help you to analyze reality from a point of view of personal growth and mental developing, looking for the expansion of your vision of life, in order to discipline your way of thinking and to be able to use rightly the mental forces inherent in our real beings.

Those lectures will be posted in our blog too, in order to make easier to the reader its use and to allow them to post comments about the topics.

Finally, the reader of this website will have access to our important section “Practical Lessons”, in which will find teachings of practical exercises, oriented to discipline our way of thinking through the gradual learning of concentrating thoughts, which is the crucial part to use consciously the power of mind to transform our reality. You can also contact us, to share information, make questions or propose topics for our lectures.

Let´s receive love and peace from all of us.

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