In The Universe everything has colour, sound and shape.


We are going to play a game, a mental game. Imagine you have in your hand a one feet long chain made of gold. You can see it in your thoughts, the chain is shining in a beautiful gold color, you can´t hear any sound from it and apparently it is motionless in your hands.

Now please imagine you begin to spin the chain, 5 revolutions per second, you start to see it in multiples places almost at the same time, now the color is less shining and you see a bit of transparency.

Then increase mentally the speed to 15 revolutions per second, and you´ll see that the chain doesn´t have the shape of a line anymore, instead you´ll see a round plate with flashes of gold, transparency and shadows. You´ll begin to hear a very soft sound, as buzzing.

Now increase the speed to 150 revolutions per second, which is 9000 rpm. For making it easy for you to imagine, think of your car, if you don´tt have one watch it in a YouTube video. Think in your car´s engine, when you start it, the dashboard indicates that the engine is making 2000 rpm, if you see carefully the dashboard has a red numbers where the 9000 rpm indicates the high capacity of your car.

Let´s get back to our game, now you are spinning the chain at a speed of 150 revolutions per second. You don´t see the chain anymore, just a circle with flashes of gold, shadows and now you hear a clear sound from the spinning. Remember the chain is the same, it just increased its vibrations.

Well, suppose you have superpowers and you can increase the speed to 5000 revolutions per second, now you can hear the chain crashing against the wind and a big noise coming from there, you just can see a little circle of shadow, as if the chain went somewhere else.

Increase to 10000 revolutions per second, and electromagnetic forces will appear, you are going to see beautiful blue rays. An electromagnetic field has formed from the chain spinning at such speed. Now you hear nothing.

Increase to 100000 revolutions per second and you will see and hear nothing. ¿What happened to the chain? It is still there. But you can´t see it anymore. It is not magic; it is simply that our senses can´t perceive vibrations that are beyond their range.

We tend to believe only in what we can see, hear, taste, smell and touch. Based only in what your senses give, you can only know a small percentage of our Universe, a very small piece.

Remember that only with the information coming from our senses, is impossible to know reality. Intelligence, intuition and logic must be added to those data.

What we can perceive from the outside is but an insignificant part of the Manifested Universe. There are millions of sounds and lights around us that we cannot perceive. The fact we cannot perceive them, doesn´t deprive them from existence.

But we can analyse the part of our universe our consciousness allows us to know, and we should conclude that every manifested part of it has individualized and is individualizing more and more.

Every great thinker in the world has concluded that beyond the things that seem to be in the universe, there must be a changeless substance.

Things in the universe are changing every single second; we are changing every minute, our thoughts and feelings, our bodies are changing from state to state, planets and stars, galaxies and black holes, nothing remains the same, everything is changing, but there must be an immutable substance, or else, nothing really would exist, that is the necessary conclusion that most great thinkers have achieved in their philosophies.

What we see is many units compounding the universe, and they are individualizing. To do that, the infinite intelligence makes vibrate every part of those units in different rates, that particularity makes our universe to be manifested to our senses.

When you hear a sound, your brain is just processing the vibration that a certain phenomena caused in your eardrum through a magnetic medium in which those vibrations move. This magnetic medium is another philosophical and logical necessity of which we are going to talk later.

If every part in the universe is individualizing, must be necessary, that some characteristics make them different from the others parts, and in order to do that, nature gives a specific rate of vibrations that give a specific colour, shape and sound to the thing affected.

Things doesn´t have colour per se, they have the specific rate of vibration that gives them such characteristics, and our senses interpret that information and tell us that certain quality has that or this colour.

For describing the universe, we can say that every part has a particular shape, sound and colour, because it must have individuality in order to exists as a particular quality in the universe, else, wouldn´t exists at all, it just be a part of the immutable substance.

We´ll meet you in our next lecture. Let´s receive love and peace from all of us.

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