How to concentrate thoughts (Part 1)

How to concentrate thoughts


You must know that thought is a force. In fact, it is the most powerful force in the universe; however, evidence of its power is hardly recognized by most people. In order to learn how to use this mighty power, we must learn how to concentrate thought.

Duration of the practice: 14 days.

Level: intermediate.

Material: A chair made of any solid material and without cushions.


1) Identify a place in your house where you can be alone and without strong noises, ventilated and away from electronic devises.

2) Identify within your daily schedule, 30 minutes to make the practice. We strongly recommend you to choice the same hour in the 14 days. The best time to do it is a little before the sunrise, because powerful magnetic forces are liberated, but in any case, to make the practice at any time is better than not making it.


Put the chair in the middle of the room, when you sit, you must be seeing to the east and making and angle of 90 degrees between your back and legs. Close your eyes and start the practice making a short prayer, talk to God as if he was next to you, ask God peace in your thoughts and give thanks for every blessing you have. If you are not a believer pass over this part, just feel gratitude for all the blessings you have.

Now you are going to use what you have learned in previous practices. First you will use 5 minutes to relax your body. We assume you have made the practices regarding relaxation, so, it will be easy for you to relax your body.

After you are relaxed, begin to concentrate in your breathing, specifically in the air going inside your nose, feel how the air is entering into your nose, now feel how the air is going out your nose, don't make unusual type of breathing, do not concentrate on your breathing, let your subconscious mind do that part for you, you only have to concentrate on the air coming in and out your body through the nasal fosses.

After a few seconds your mind will try to direct your thought to another object, without even noticing you'll be thinking something different, when you realize you are not longer thinking in the air coming in and out your nose, get back to your practice, the first day, you'll find very difficult to concentrate in that part of your body, but if you persist in this practice, you'll be able to concentrate your thought on one thing at a time.

Repeat this practice for 14 days. It is very important that you make this practice in order to advance. Vague thought will lead you to any result at all. Concentrated thought will give you anything you want, if you go along with faith and conscious knowledge of the truth, which is that what you think and feel, you bring it into existence.

Let's receive love and peace from all of us.

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