Fear and faith are the same force.


We all have felt fear in our lives, it is an unquestionable fact. Even Jesus himself shoved fear the night before his crucifixion according to the gospels. People say fear is a feeling or an emotion; the dictionary defines it as a distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, evil, pain, etc., whether the threat is real or imagined, the feeling or condition of being afraid.

We say fear is a force, a powerful mental force. A force can manifest itself in different degrees, the same force may have different intensities. Electricity can be used at 110 volts or 50,000 volts, depending on the purpose you have, but electricity remains the same in its substance, it is the same force manifesting itself in different degrees.

An electric current is a flow of electric charge, it can be positive or negative depending on the direction it moves, and by the framework used in a system of measures. One type of the so called positive electric current vibrates faster than the other but it is the same electric current in its substance.

Not everybody has felt faith, that is, an unquestionable fact too. People say faith is a kind of mental state in which they believe without see or something like that. The dictionary says faith is a strong or unshakeable belief in something without proof or evidence, is a conviction of the truth of certain doctrines of religion, when this is not based on reason.

We say faith is a force, one of the strongest forces mind can produce. As civilization, we make concepts to differentiate phenomena, in order to describe what we see from experience and observation in life. The concepts given about fear and faith by the dictionaries, describe human behaviors, we are going to use the same words to describe mental forces. Fear and faith are forces produced by human mental activity motivated by the feelings of belief and disbelief.

We have said in previous lectures that forces are inseparable from movement, where something is moving there must be a force, where something seems to be static, there must be a force. Forces are the fuel in our universe, they make it move. Besides, we also have said, that our thinking is a force, anytime thinking is generated by human mind, something in the manifested universe must be altered in its direction or the way it moves or vibrates.

Forces can produce a physical phenomenon called resonance, which is the tendency of a system to oscillate with greater amplitude at some frequencies than others. Resonance occurs when a system is able to store and easily transfer energy between two or more different storage, such as kinetic energy and potential energy. It is the phenomenon that occurs, when the natural frequency of a body match the frequency of an external excitation. For example, when you play a guitar in one particular note and there is a piano inside the same room, the vibration produced by the sound of the string played in the guitar make vibrates any string in the piano that matches the frequency of its own vibration.

Forces attract or repel things in our universe depending on its rate of vibration. If one vibration´s frequency of a force, matches its equal or some of its octaves, it will affect the other force in the direction it moves.

Fear and faith are the same mental force. Fear expresses a low rate of vibration thought and faith a high rate of vibration one. Let´s examine them. Fear and faith as forces, have the same characteristics, but produce very different results. As forces, they both have the powerful property of attracting things, event, ideas etc.; however, one is based on the expectation to get what you don´t want and the other is based on the hope to get what you want.

For instance, suppose you´ve been unemployed for a couple of months, you have a family to support and bills to pay, your saving account is near to be empty, you have sent many resumes and you don´t have any call yet, besides, the person you are married to, is beginning to panic about the situation, feelings of frustration and anger are more frequents in your home.

You have two choices about what you think from this situation, one is to be afraid of not getting a new job, the other is to be completely sure is just a bad experience and is going to end shortly, because you somehow know you´re getting a new job anytime soon. Those kinds of thinking will affect the manifested universe, because as we have seen, thoughts are forces and forces affect the direction of the things in the same frequency of vibration, but they must produce different results, because one is based in what you are afraid of to get, and the other is based in what you hope to get.

For illustrating fear and faith as one force, we can use the thermometer as an example, where the positive numbers indicates high temperatures and the negative numbers indicates low temperatures. The temperature is one physic phenomena, but can be described in many degrees. In the same way, fear and faith are the same force; they just describe two faces of the same coin, one being superior to the other in its degree of vibration, one producing desirable results, the other getting us what we don´t want.

When you fear something, you are getting closer and closer to the feared object. You are aligning your thought´s frequency with the frequency of the vibration of the thing, event, situation or person you want to avoid.

When you have faith that something is going to happen or something you want is going to reach you, you are getting closer and closer to it.

I'm actually can hear in advance the replies you are going to make in your mind about this topic. I was afraid of losing my job once you might be saying, but I kept it, so even if I felt fear I didn’t attract my own unemployment, or I had faith I was going to marry a girl once, but despite my big faith, the girl married to another guy, and the list goes on and on with any situation you can imagine.

There is no mystery here, this Universe we live in is made by law. There are some currents of thought and very respectable scientists, who believe chaos is the predominant order in our Universe. We just believe there is intelligence in every single event in the Universe.

The reason you not always obtain what you fear or what you have faith in, is the intermittent way of thinking we have. Yes, we fear things in our lives, but at the same time you have other thoughts neutralizing those of fear. You sometimes have faith, or at least you think you do, and you long you are going to get what you want, but at the same time you fear you are not going to get it. You are neutralizing your thoughts every second, we can´t concentrate well, we are not focus in one thought, we jump from one thing to another in our minds, sometimes the things you fear happened to you, because you stayed a huge amount of time in that thinking, motivated by the fear you felt of getting that thing you didn´t want, but ironically you got it by your own thinking, see how fear resemble faith in attracting things, events, person, ideas, etc.

In the same way, sometime you got what you wanted, by your own thinking, because you stayed long enough in that thinking, and you never lose your faith, you always believed you were going to make it. Read the biographies of successful people, there is a common factor, they all believed.

We only want to point out that in our lives, every situation we face, motivate us to act by fear or by faith, the choice is up to us. Remember that we are a divine soul wrapped up in a human body, and our body being as wonderful as it is, still keep the self defending tools that helped to survived thousands year ago as race, when motivated by fear, could faced the dangers of that age.

Now, we have more time to make conscious choices, we don´t have a beast behind us, fear helped our ancestor to run faster to survive. To have power is to think rightly, when motivated by fear, your thinking is getting in the negative pole of your mind, when motivated by the conscious effort of your will, you can star to develop faith, which is simply the power you have to transform your reality. Remember that Jesus said if you had faith the size of a mustard seed, we could move mountains.

We'll meet you in our next lecture. Let´s receive love and peace from all of us.

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