The working creed of William Walker Atkinson



I believe that the mind of Man contains the greatest of all forces --- that Thought is one of the greatest manifestations of energy.

I believe that the man who understands the use of Thought-force can make of himself practically what he will.

I believe that not only is one's body subject to the control of the mind, but that, also, one may change environment, "luck," circumstances, by positive thought taking the place of negative. I know that the "I Can and I Will" attitude will carry one forward to Success that will seem miraculous to the man on the "I Can't" plane.

I believe that "thoughts are things," and that the Law of Attraction and the thought world will draw to one just what he desires or fears.

I believe in the gospel of work --- in "hustling."

I believe in the I DO, as well as the I AM. I know that the man will take advantage of the Power of the Mind, and will manifest that power and action, will go forward to Success as surely and steadily as the arrow from the bow of the skilled archer.

I believe in the Brotherhood of Man.

I believe in being Kind.

I believe in everyone minding his own business --- and allowing everyone else the same privilege.

I believe that we have no right to condemn --- "let him who is without sin cast the first stone."

I believe that he who Hates is an assassin; that he who Covets is a thief; that he who Lusts is an adulterer; that the gist of the crime is in its desire.

Seeing this --- looking into our own hearts --- how can we condemn?

I believe that Evil is but Ignorance.

I believe that "do know is to forgive all."

I believe that there is good in every man; let us help him to manifest it.

I believe in the absolute equality of the Man and the Woman --- sometimes I think that the odds are slightly in favor of the Woman.

I believe in the sacredness of Sex --- but I also believe that Sex manifests on the Spiritual and Mental planes as well is on the Physical.

And I believe that to the pure all things are pure.

I believe that man is immortal --- that the Real Self is Spirit, which uses mind and body as its Tools, and manifests itself according to the fitness of the tools.

I believe that man is rapidly growing into a new plane of consciousness, in which you will know himself as he is --- will recognize the I AM --- the Something Within.

I believe that there is an Infinite Power in, and of, all things.

I believe that, although today we have but the faintest idea of that power, still we will steadily grow to comprehend it more fully --- will get in closer touch with it. Even now we have momentary glimpses of its existence --- a momentary consciousness of Oneness with the Absolute.

I believe that the great happiness consists in maintaining toward the Absolute the attitude of the trusting child, who, feeling no doubt of the parent's love --- no doubt of his wisdom --- places his little hand and that of the parent, and says "Lead Thou me on."

I believe that he feels towards the Absolute, the trust fullness of the babe which places its little tired head close to the breast of the mother, will also be conscious of the tender answering pressure, as the babe is drawn just a little closer to the mother-heart.

William Walker Atkinson

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