How to relax our body rightly

How to relax rightly


Our body helps our mind to concentrate thoughts when is relaxed, that is, when in every part of our body, there isn´t any effort to maintain a posture, in that way, your body communicates to your mind the emotional state of low tension and you can concentrate on specific thoughts by an effort of your will more easily.

Duration of the practice: 7 days.

Level: Basic.

Material: A chair made of any solid material and without cushions.


1) Identify a place in your house where you can be alone and without strong noises, ventilated and away from electronic devises.

2) Identify within your daily schedule, 25 minutes to make the practice. We strongly recommend you to choice the same hour in the 7 days. The best time to do it is a little before the sunrise, because powerful magnetic forces are liberated, but in any case, to make the practice at any time is better to not making it. We know, living in western societies can be very hard to set up fixed hours, but we invite you to do the effort.


Put the chair in the middle of the room, when you sit, you must be seeing to the east and making and angle of 90 degrees between your back and legs. Close your eyes and start the practice making a short prayer, talk to God as if he was next to you, ask God peace in your thoughts and give thanks for every blessing you have. If you are not a believer pass over this part.

After that, begin to breathe slowly, the way you did in practice one, but in this time, you won’t concentrate in the air entering your nose and in your nose, this time, you will concentrate in every part of your body.

Begin with your left foot, in every breath think only in your left foot but don´t visualize it, just put your conscious on that part of your body, keep your thoughts there for a minute, feel nothing but your left foot while breathing slowly. Feel how aware you are of that part of your body, feel the blood passing each vein of your foot.

Now, transfer your conscious to the right foot, keep another minute there, do the same as you did with your left foot, feel how relax your feet are becoming.

Then begin to feel your legs, keep breathing slowly, feel your left leg first, notice how nice is to put all your thoughts just in one part of your body, don´t picture your leg just feel it, feel how much energy is there while your breathing, then do the same with your right leg, bottom-up, don´t think on anything else just that part of your body, feel how relaxed is getting, your using only your mind to relax your body.

Now focus on your pelvis and behind, put your thoughts there, feel how nice you feel directing your thoughts on that part of your body, your legs and feet are now relaxed, now you´re beginning to relax the rest of your body, your thoughts are in your spine too, feel how you energize that part of your body using your thoughts, you are not thinking on anything else, flashes of memories are passing but you are only a spectator of your own thinking, you are focus only in that part of your body. Do in your arms, what you did with your legs.

Now you´re thinking on your chest and spine, shifting your conscious between those parts of your body, slowly your are directing your thoughts to your shoulders, keep there until they´re relaxed, feel them how go down, slowly you´re still breathing, you have kept your rhythm while your thinking in each part of your body, your shoulders are relaxed now, ten minutes have elapsed since you began the practice after the short prayer.

Go up to your neck, feel the bone that support your head, you must feel it soft but at the same time steady enough to keep your head up, feel how relaxed are the muscles around that part of your body, with your thoughts you magnetize your body, keep breathing slowly, you have learned how to breath consciously yet, your training your mind every day and your becoming stronger day after day.

Now focus in your face, begin with your mouth, feel your lips, they are soft and relaxed, your making them relax with your mind, you are not thinking on anything else, go up to your nose with your thoughts, you can feel your nose, you feel how the air is entering your body there, keep there for a moment, keep breathing.

Then do the same with your eyes and ears, concentrate your thoughts there, you feel how you energize that part of your body, one eye at a time, one ear at a time, keep breathing slowly, you are only thinking in one part of your body but your entire body now is relaxed, you have made it relax with your mind, then pass your thoughts to the top of your head, feel how nice is to feel just one part of your body, your face is relaxed, your head is relaxed.

You will feel that 15 minutes is a long time at the beginning, but you are supposed to learn how to relax your body in a couple of minutes in time and with effort, in order to do the advanced practices, if you keep practicing, you’ll see how you will be able to do the whole procedure of this practice in a short time, just to get the necessary mental state to do more advanced practices.

Finally, when you feel that 15 minutes have elapsed, begin to breathe the same way you always do, do not open your eyes, just move the fingers of your feet slowly, then the fingers of your hands, do not stand up, take your time, this process should last 2 or 3 minutes, after that, make a short prayer, ask God that in your thoughts there is always peace and love, then open your eyes and stand up slowly, always seeing to the east, if you feel dizzy sit down again, if you are not, you can go on with your daily routine.

Repeat this practice for 7 days.

Let´s receive love and peace from all of us.

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